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Tree down at Turk and Lyon. All westbound traffic being diverted down Baker

2021.10.24 23:16 pockrocks Tree down at Turk and Lyon. All westbound traffic being diverted down Baker

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2021.10.24 23:16 miserablespory No one will hire me

I’ve given up, I don’t even have the motivation to apply or look anymore. It’s always rejection and I feel like a complete failure, not to mention I failed high school. I’m worthless, I’m an unproductive member of society who shouldn’t exist. What 17 year old doesn’t have a job? I get clowned by my friends for not having job, they succeed first try and I don’t know how they did it. I’ve applied to places that seem desperate for workers yet they never called me back. No one wants to hire someone who’s introverted and quite, they want the extroverts. I hate myself for being so quite, every single day I wish I was an extrovert. I’m jealous of them I wish I was one of them. Not to mention I have zero charisma and no personality, no wonder I fail interviews. I fear for my 18th birthday, I’m not ready to be an adult, I can’t even get a job at McDonald’s. The future looks hopeless and scary, I’m hoping I die young so that I don’t have to see it.
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2021.10.24 23:16 FaithlessnessSea6129 MMD help

I'm looking for an MMD I saw once of elect with all the female vocaloids in kind of a dance battle between two group one lead by haku the other luka they where in there default outfits and some gothic leather ones. I can't find it anywhere on YouTube.
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2021.10.24 23:16 DarkestJediOfAllTime [Serious] Is your experience with people on Reddit largely negative or positive, and why?

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2021.10.24 23:16 Competitive_Coat_663 Hung like a cross

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2021.10.24 23:16 Shaktimaanwo7 Lake Erie is located in which country?.

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2021.10.24 23:16 microphonick 29 [M4F] - Do you like nature too?

Hello! A bit about myself! My name is Nick! I'm 29, and a musician. A singer for a punk band, former drummer and currently learning guitar. I'm an avid photographer of the outdoors and LOVE hikes! So having someone I could do that with would be fantastic! I currently reside in Northern California but am not tied here. Looking for someone that values honesty and trust amongst other things like affection. Someone who's family oriented and generally outgoing are preferred!
https://ibb.co/KhwL94g here's me!
Send me a message! I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
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2021.10.24 23:16 SpecialK10203 Some nice Rainbows from this weekend. Alberta CA

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2021.10.24 23:16 MemeFortressTwo I bought O N E item, and CVS printed this behemoth

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2021.10.24 23:16 ICheeseSandwichU I love this, I’m new and learning. Kit from Amazon, learning from YouTube and all of you!!

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2021.10.24 23:16 Tele_Viper G.I. Joe: The After-Action Report

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2021.10.24 23:16 anon5838385849839 Got a screenshot of a space anomaly :) specifically it was called an "Anomalous Numbers Station"

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2021.10.24 23:16 Dez-A-Raygun Oh Hi Mark.

So $Mark is looking ready for a play. There is a connection with BENE and DWAC, I believe. Gonna binge some DD tonight. I might be early, I might be wrong. But I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes on it. Anyone else catch notice of this one?
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2021.10.24 23:16 Trash_panda76 ITAP of a frog

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2021.10.24 23:16 Scalloop russian wikipedia is based!!!!

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2021.10.24 23:16 LacompetenciadeAmlo Mi comentario más largo

Sin duda alguna y sin temor a equivocarme, me atrevo a decir que está es la obra literaria más importante y maravillosa del siglo, el protagonista, Uriel, es la viva representación de un hombre común, no es perfecto, no es inquebrantable, eso lo hace más humano, empatizas con el y a la vez, te confunde ¿Es amor o simplemente quiere llenar un vacío, con un objeto inanimado? te hace pensar si hace lo correcto al decirle la verdad a suwie o es un tonto por decir la verdad tan fácil.
Suwie al principio te hace creer es una mujer que se preocupa de verdad por su pareja, pero a la más mínima provocación mostrara a su verdadera personalidad, una mujer tóxica y manipuladora que no dudaría en arremeter y lastimar a los demás, sin importancia que sean inocentes, como a los vagabundos que atropello con su auto o las amenazas de gritar frente a Uriel.
Nimu, según la historia, un simple maniquí, sin vida, sin expresión, reemplazable y aún así enamoró a Uriel, se llevó su corazón, ¿Cómo un objeto puede hacer eso?¿Magia? O ¿Simplemente la soledad de un hombre jugandole una mala broma? una de pésimo gusto.
En conclusión, esta obra supera cada expectativa que podrías tener de ella, llevando te a reflexionar sobre tu rumbo.
¿Podrías amar a un objeto?
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2021.10.24 23:16 ourlifeintoronto Australian Online Privacy Bill to make social media age verification mandatory for tech giants, Reddit, Zoom, gaming platforms

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2021.10.24 23:16 Ok_Mix9651 Can I bulk up - having just one testicle ?

Is it possible to see gains and bulk up with one testicle or is this a waste of time?
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2021.10.24 23:16 brawlstarsman21 Y’all check out my new poster 😁😁

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2021.10.24 23:16 wollowitzz I am starting my preparation for data science, and maths is thr first on my list.

So, I didn't study well, during my college days. So I am literally a noob when it comes to mathematics. So I am planning to cover maths right from the 11th grade, till the final year of BCS.
I will be doing this, alongside my current job. Hence, this will be a self study. So should I just all the text books and practice directly from it? I will also be referring to khanacadaemy videos for proper breakdown of many mathematical probs.
Any other suggestions you could offer that could help me, please...
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2021.10.24 23:16 ManagerialSpaghetti Good or bad?

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2021.10.24 23:16 based_rian Oxes de trás pra frente

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2021.10.24 23:16 CaptainLevisPenis Felt cute, might kill 80% of the world later

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2021.10.24 23:16 Scytheweilder17 Sonic the Hedgehog What Ifs

Hello everyone. I had a few unique What Ifs surrounding everyone's favorite blue speedy Hedgehog and his respective universe. These are just fun little scenerios that I had put together that really intrigued me. Anyway...onto the first What If!!
What If: Classic Sonic became the new hero of Modern Sonic's World in Sonic Forces?
Now to clarify, I mean if Classic Sonic ended up stuck in the present(or is it the future?), and becomes the hero of it, while Modern Sonic for one reason or another wasn't around anymore. Before I go into the events that would occur thanks to this, I would like to give a brief "recap" of what came beforehand. And before I continue, there might be some spoilers for Sonic Forces, so if you don't want to get spoiled on the story of that game then you should ignore this What If. Anywho, when Modern Sonic attempted to escape the Death Egg, he would run into Infinite much earlier than he was supposed to. Wanting to snuff Sonic out for good, regardless of Eggman's orders, Infinite activates the Null Space Vacuum and attempts to Sonic in. Luckily for Sonic, Gadget the Wolf(who I will be calling "The Rookie" because he is supposed to be the Avatar character)jumps in helps Sonic out of the Null Space similarly to how they do it later on. However Infinite is only amused by this, as he has the chance to "squash more pathetic insects." Infinite than uses the Null Space portal with his Phantom Ruby powers to create a portal similar to what we see in Sonic Mania, complete with a vacuum effect. Both heroes begin getting sucked in, but Sonic manages to throw The Rookie out before he is sucked into the portal. This would lead to a chase segment where Infinite goes after The Rookie as he runs away with great fear in their eyes. Meanwhile, Sonic accidentally crashes into Shadow through the rift, causing both to go to an area we all know, but I will not say what yet.
Anyways, things play out similarly to how it did with both The Rookie and Classic Sonic, however the two have to do a lot more in order to free the world from Eggman. Eventually Sonic and Tails run into the battle between Silver and Infinite just as The Rookie does. The Rookie immediately "recognizes" Classic Sonic and hugs him, but Sonic is more focused on Infinite as he recognized the Phantom Ruby on his chest. Seeing Silver in trouble, Classic Sonic immediately rushed in and hit Infinite, knocking the other Phantom Ruby from his clutches, to which The Rookie catches it. Infinite is confused at first, but eventually pieces together that Classic Sonic isn't the Sonic he knows, yet seems so familiar. This leads into a tag team boss fight where Classic Sonic and The Rookie(who was modivated by Tails) fight Infinite off.
Events play out normally for The Rookie, however Classic Sonic takes the spot of "The Resistance's fallen hero," leading to Classic Sonic getting more support from more than just Tails. From there things mostly go as intended, but the absence of Modern Sonic would force The Rookie to hero up much sooner than he does traditionally. The Rookie and Classic Sonic together defeat both Infinite and Eggman, however Classic Sonic doesn't phase back to his world, to which many of Modern Sonic's friends remark that they were hoping that he would stick around for a little anyways. However, what everyone doesn't know is that Sonic and Shadow were alive, and have arrived in Classic Sonic's world, where they see Mighty and Ray being carried away in a capsule. Anyways that was just one What If I had about Sonic Forces, but don't worry I have some about other Sonic stuff. Onto the next one!!
What If: Knuckles remained a part of the Chaotix?
For this What If, we'll be looking at how things would look like in present day if Knuckles remained a member of the Chaotix. Anywho, thanks to Knuckles to the Master Emerald, he would still be cooped up on Angel Island, thereby preventing him from being the leader. However not only does he maintain his cowboy hat, but he will occasionally have his teammates come to the island to either hangout, discuss a case, or for them to help Knuckles protect the Master Emerald. With Knuckles being a part of Team Chaotix, Mighty the Armadillo would be the muscle of Sonic Team every now and then(when the time calls for it.) Knuckles would not be present in Sonic Boom because of this connection, but things would remain fairly the same.
Anyways that's all a really got for this one. Sorry if it was much shorter than the last one, but I don't need to go into the story as much with this one. Next What If!!
What If: The Wisps came out instead of the Chao?
Now I know that this may upset some people, but I'm afraid that the Chao would most likely would not exist. The Wisps are friendly possibly symbiotic aliens that give powers to Sonic and others, so if you add the ability to care for and raise them to improve the abilities they give, there would be no Chaos in present day. Even if you remove the care aspect, I'm sure that the Wisps would have quite a following that would overshadow(and frankly actually does overshadow) the fan base of the Chao. I feel that the story wouldn't change much, except Yacker would be Cream the Rabbit's pet(and would be called Cheese because of it). Anyways, those were some unique What If's I thought up of. I still have one other What If, but I really don't know how it would turn out, so I put it after this conclusion. Anyway let me know what you all thought of my What Ifs, and I will see you all later.
What If: Blaze was the one to receive Sharha's Ring?
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2021.10.24 23:16 randomusername729203 [L] I feel like giving up. Left work early.

I (F18) am really really struggling right now more than ever. I’m dealing with diagnosed depressed and anxiety which has caused me to lose 90% of my friends in the past year due to just not reaching out and lack of motivation. Now I’m extremely lonely with no friends to see and I have never felt so low.
I work as a host and tonight I was supposed to work from 5-11 and I already felt horrible today and riddled with anxiety but I pulled myself together and went.
I was the only host on tonight too which makes it worse for me knowing all the pressure is on me.
I go to seat some people in their reserved spot and notice two of the waiters are staring at me. I say “hi how r u guys?” And they just start laughing and then one sorta half waves at me. I walk away.
Feeling even more distraught I try to keep working. I’m standing alone at the host stand when all the off duty waiters come outside to display some pumpkins they were carving. I’m standing there awkwardly as they all ignore me and have their fun right in front of me. They end up asking me to take photos for them and I positively do but it just reminded me of how lonely I am.
I feel like I can’t socialize right anymore. I feel stunned and locked inside of my body and I can’t escape.
I stand there holding my tears back and concentrating not to go into a panic attack that I could feel happening.
I was only an hour into my shift and I go to my manager and fake sick and she lets me leave.
I feel like such a failure and such a weak person. I only work 30 hour weeks and I can’t even go to this shift without embarrassing myself and crying like a little bitch.
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