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Mask making- peeling out my next spooky mask… aka the thing!

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2021.10.24 23:00 Makeupbilly Mask making- peeling out my next spooky mask… aka the thing!

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2021.10.24 23:00 awtsgegeae C-Chotto matte

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2021.10.24 23:00 starkssxt Odin's plan

According to leaked spoilers, it is very evident that Odin has a plan to overthrow the empire of the Greek gods and have the Norse take the lead.
You see, Hades is ruler of Helheim. In Norse mythology it is Hela/Hel, daughter of Loki, who rules. If Hades loses his confrontation to Quin, he will die and the one who should take over the rule of the underworld is Hela, Norse goddess of death, making them even stronger.
The sea god Poseidon is dead. The hero god Hercules is dead. And soon we may have the god of the dead dead dead as well.
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2021.10.24 23:00 Desi__Yoda__ The class system was the best. I don't care if the franchise gets shelved for not trying something new and improving profits. After all, it's not my money and anyway, I can always blame EA/Dice for it. Huehuehue.

The class system was the best. I don't care if the franchise gets shelved for not trying something new and improving profits. After all, it's not my money and anyway, I can always blame EA/Dice for it. Huehuehue. submitted by Desi__Yoda__ to battlefield2042 [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 23:00 nsosndndmx Concerns about legality & health risks

A friend talked about being able to give me some of his extra testosterone. I really want to take it, I’d really like to go on T but can’t get a prescription right now, but the legality is slightly worrying me. Technically, in the US, this would be a felony. Is there any possible way we’d actually get in trouble for this, or does no one give a shit? Also, is this dangerous in any significant way?
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2021.10.24 23:00 PlayrR3D15 Was watching the latest MC Eternal stream and knew immediately what to do

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2021.10.24 23:00 jasonvoorhees25 Rank the 2021 summer sets worst to first

What would be your guys ranking for the summer 2021 sets worst to first?
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2021.10.24 23:00 awakenedforces Wheeking like a guinea pig?

I cannot get a video of this to save my life as he stops as soon as he sees me move.
My boy Frankie (about 3 months old) recently lost his cagemate due to a respiratory issue. Ever since then, a few times a day he’ll have a squeaking episode that lasts about 30 seconds that looks like hiccups but he sounds exactly like a guinea pig wheeking. He’s eating & drinking normally, no change in his energy level, no weight loss, no crackly lungs.
His vet prescribed him Azithromycin for a suspected URI and has been on it for two and a half days BID.
Why on earth is he making these noises? Is it truly respiratory or something else?
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2021.10.24 23:00 throw_away_071718 I am finally moving on and learning how to love myself again! Life is so not linear!

I had a falling out with some good friends a few months ago that had really made an impact on me. Since then I’ve felt insecure and self-conscious, like I’m lame and have no friends (even though I do). Tonight I decided to finally make peace with it and start to move on. I messaged one of them and we both made clear that we have no ill feelings toward each other and wished each other the best. I finally am realizing that I do not need to beat myself up over this anymore. Forgiveness is such a part of self-love, toward other people but most importantly yourself. Losing friends and gaining friends is just a part of life. Everybody goes through it. Life is short but it’s also so long. It feels enlightening to be reaching this other side of grief.
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2021.10.24 23:00 Joecrip2000 This "Amazing cake" as they called it is covered in thick fondant. 🤢

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2021.10.24 23:00 Sveram4997 Do you know if the 3DS XL hinges fit in a 2DS XL?

Hello guys, recently I bought a used 2DS XL; the top screen is broken, the last owner drop it and that caused the damage and the hinge is loose, it has a lot of free movement and it is really frustrating to play. So it is possible to use a 3DS XL hinge as a replacement part?
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2021.10.24 23:00 InkPeaWoomyAlt Smug Octayah

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2021.10.24 23:00 puss_parkerswidow Photo from a shoot I did with friends this weekend

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2021.10.24 23:00 stankmanly Cannabis products may help treat symptoms of depression, improve sleep, and increase quality of life, study suggests.

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2021.10.24 23:00 wakemeupoh Shadowplay saving the wrong timeframe

So everytime I save a video with shadowplay, it seems to save something like 10 minutes prior and I'm not sure why. Does anyone have this issue?
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2021.10.24 23:00 Appointment-Funny Doom is pretty fun

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2021.10.24 23:00 OneDrizzlyBoi what would you guys price this at?

what would you guys price this at? submitted by OneDrizzlyBoi to tf2 [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 23:00 little_corgi_lover Will I have trouble with radiators this winter with new supplemental heat system

This summer we installed mini split heat and cool system in our new house. The primary heat before that is our old fashioned steam radiator system. We live in the northeast and plan to try to avoid using the costlier steam system except in coldest months.
Should we worry about freezing pipes if we don’t have the radiator system on while we use the mini splits? Should we turn that system on at a minimum outside temperature?
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2021.10.24 23:00 shababkarim Aurora over downtown YEG, from the spectacular solar storm of October 11th. Enjoy!

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2021.10.24 23:00 SorryImInterrupting Crayola colored pencil factory goof. Supposed to be teal.

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2021.10.24 23:00 Anglicanpolitics123 My journey as a Christian in understanding the faith.

If anyone has followed me or seen me post, I post a lot about the Christian faith and spirituality as well as other things under the title of Anglicanpolitics. Some might agree with me. Others might disagree with me strongly. I thought I'd do this post just to share where I am coming from.
So I grew up in a Baptist household in the Caribbean(Jamaica). My parents are devout Christians and the Church we went to was a Baptist Church that was traditional, had a prescribed form of worship(which might sound unusual for a Baptist Church)but was socially engaged with the poor and in the community. My parents met at Church and their friendships and networks started at Church. My father grew up poor in the Caribbean, being raised in a household by a single mother who suffered from breast cancer. He often times had to go to school either with little to eat or little to wear(sometimes going to school with only one sandal or a pair of shoes, or torn clothes at a time when they had to wear uniforms. This ended up exposing his status as being part of the lower class of society with was tough for a child in this era). It was through the intervention of a female deacon who served in this Baptist Church, who was a powerful woman that also served the poor and was a motherly figure to many people who came from rough households, that he became involved in the Church. This was the Church that my parents met at, and where I was christened. So I grew up in the Church, and I grew up in a society(In Jamaica) that had Christianity deeply imbibed in every facet of it. In school we learned the Bible along with other school curriculum. When we stood for the national anthem, God was explicitly part of the anthem. On Sundays because everyone was at Church or with their families preparing traditional dishes to have family meals, shops were closed(the Lord's day was taken seriously). So Christianity has been a part of every facet of my childhood. It was a Christianity that was paradoxically both deeply traditional and social justice oriented. Traditional in its conservative cultural values, which is deeply in Caribbean society. Social justice oriented because of its concern for the poor and my family and their set of friends deep sense of social factors such as the impact of things like colonialism. My parents grew up in the aftermath of Jamaica's Independence from British Colonial rule and were deeply involved in the social movements of the 70s and 80s that sought justice for the poor and land reform from the ownership of large corporations. This shaped my father who grew up among the urban poor, and my mother who grew up in the rural areas. Those things shaped their perspective on Christianity. Being deeply culturally conservative(like many Jamaicans) while deeply justice oriented, which they saw as Biblical.
We moved to Canada and ended up going to Baptist Churches that were evangelical oriented. We moved when I was a child. So I also ended up growing up in the Baptist Church in Canada. It was like a second home for us in terms of the activities we were involved in. And I had a lot of friends in it. However when I started to go to University I started to think more about my faith. And I was dissatisfied with the strand of Evangelicalism I was being exposed to. It was deeply fundamentalist, very literalistic, had a strong creationist vibe, seemingly anti intellectual and seemed to ally itself to right wing politics. My family grew up with culturally conservative values but we were never allied to a right wing social agenda. Furthermore I was dissatisfied with the style of worship in many North American evangelical Churches which increasingly at the time felt like I was going to a pop concert rather than a sacred space to worship. So because of this I ended up leaving my Evangelical Church.
I didn't stop being a Christian. Rather what I wanted to do was understand some of the foundations of Christianity. Historically. Because of this I ended up looking up and studying the Mother Church traditions. Essentially the traditions that had a history going back centuries which had a liturgy, creeds, and a episcopacy. So these would be traditions like Orthodoxy, Catholicism and Anglicanism. When it came to the Orthodox Church I was fascinated by it because it seemed like pretty much the representative of what historical Christianity was. The liturgy was definitely beautiful, and I loved(and still do) love Orthodoxy's unique theology when it came to the Eastern Fathers. A theological traditional that didn't have Western legal categories, and that had a very mystical and existential understanding of the faith through saints like Symeon the New Theologian and Maximus the Confessor and others. Interestingly enough though I didn't convert to the Orthodox Church. Not because I was opposed to it, but because it never crossed my mind. I saw the Orthodox Church as something that gave me a better understanding of the history of Christianity and even what it meant to be a Christian. But it never crossed my mind to convert,and I don't have a clear answer for why.
When it came to Catholicism I was always fascinated by Catholicism. My first experience of being aware of Catholicism fully was Pope John Paul II's death. The second, was of course the scandals. Now for many people the scandals would have turned people away from Catholicism. For me it was the opposite. The scandals made me want to research about Catholicism more. Because everytime I kept hearing about the scandals, it just made me think "OK....there must be more to the Catholic Church than that. There must be something that makes over a billion people follow Catholicism". I had the same reaction the first time I became aware of Islam and all I kept reading about in the media were stories about terrorism. I also said, "there has to be more to Islam than that" when I was a kid because I felt it was portrayed in a very biased and racist manner. One of the ways I was hard wired since a kid was that if someone or something is portrayed consistently in a particular manner, to always ask questions, or seek out the other perspective. I always wired myself to be suspicious of just one depiction of anything, whether it was a religion, person or ideology. When I studied Catholicism of course I encountered its rituals and Churches which were beautiful. Then I encountered its social tradition, particularly studying South America and figures like Oscar Romero. Then I encountered its intellectual tradition which I found impressive. Whether it was Catholic figures online such as Bishop Barron, or the writings of Pope Benedict who surprised me in terms of how intellectual he was. And also encountering the fact that someone like Thomas Aquinas even existed was also interesting as well.
When it came to Anglicanism I started learning about it do to figures like C.S Lewis and N.T Wright. Just like Catholicism and Orthodoxy it was a liturgical Church so I would sometimes visit the local Anglican Church in my area. I was struck by the prayers of the Book of Common Prayer, which I found very moving. It instantly made me want to participate in Anglican services which I started visiting unofficially. I was also impressed by the work that some of the local Anglican Parishes did in the community in terms of helping others(I'm aware all Churches do this, I'm just speaking about the parishes I encountered). What eventually happened was as time came by in my head I had a choice whether to be Catholic or Anglican. At the time it was a close call, and I was considering Catholicism even more due to Pope Francis, but I ended up choosing Anglicanism. I couldn't reconcile some of the moral teachings of the Catholic Church on topics like the ordination of women, gender, birth control and other issues. I also felt that not becoming a Catholic would actually be the best way to respect the Catholic tradition. Because to convert to Catholicism, while not accepting all of its teachings, would from my perspective actually be disrespecting the Catholic faith. If I was going to join something, I had to believe it was true in terms of all that it preached and taught. I ended up choosing Anglicanism because it combined a respect for tradition(liturgy, creeds, sacraments) with a flexibility and a lack of dogmatism which made more sense theologically to me. Anglicanism's concept of a broad church as well as the 3 legged stool of Scripture, Tradition and Reason. The real thing that made me commit though was the fact that I ended up having to work Sundays, so I could not go to the local Church near my home. So I stated to myself that if I was gonna make this work I had to find a local Church near my work place. And long behold when I was walking a familiar path I had always gone for years, I bumped into an Anglican parish I never noticed. I was one of the oldest parishes in our city, and it was a significant one. It did a lot of work in the local community, and when I went in the liturgy was fantastic. Even more importantly though the preaching was great in terms of just preaching the Gospel clearly. And the priests there were very Biblically centred while at the same time they had a thinking faith. I later ended up finding out the parish was so big that I got commendations by both the Mayor and the Archbishop of Canterbury when it celebrated its 180th anniversary, I believe. So because of this I ended up taking confirmation classes and was confirmed in 2017 and from then on ended up serving in my parish.
Looking back on my journey I have to say the other Christian traditions I didn't join still helped me grow in understanding the faith. Because I learned a lot from them. And I am still learning both as an Anglican Christian in my own tradition, and as a Christian in general who respect all of the different Christian traditions. I have lots of books written by Catholic and Orthodox authors I continue to read for instance. So anyways that kinda where I am at and hopefully I can continue to learn and grow because God knows I don't have all the answers and my path is unique to me.
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2021.10.24 23:00 rpranay Started mining few months back on my gaming pc. It is so addictive, now added 2 more gpus in last 1 month.

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2021.10.24 23:00 penny_242 I have a suggestion

Instead of the chaotic leak culture on this subreddit maybe we could make a subreddit specifically for early leaks of the chapter. We could probably name is Shuumatsunoleaks or something. I truly believe this would solve nearly all our problems with the leaks and we can even have discussions about them on that subreddit.
So, how does everyone feel about that?
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2021.10.24 23:00 Butteredhuman Any takers?

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2021.10.24 23:00 Redacted_Riddles [OC] Strawberry Cookie Chiaki! Just a little edit for fun

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