/r/Synthrecipes Weekly Discussion Thread

2021.10.24 21:00 AutoModerator /r/Synthrecipes Weekly Discussion Thread

Hello sound designers,
This is the weekly /Synthrecipes Discussion Thread where you can feel free to post what's on your mind or going on in the world of sound design / music production.
We only ask that you please avoid NSFW content (unless it's music related) and keep politics / drama out of the threads.
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2021.10.24 21:00 AutoModerator Guess My Ancestry/Ethnicity Megathread - 10/25/21

Welcome to the Guess My Ancestry/Ethnicity series on /23andMe! This weekly megathread allows you to post a picture of yourself and have other users guess what your ancestry might be. Please adhere to the following rules:

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2021.10.24 21:00 No_Delay5284 Bitcoin ETF’s Success Could Come at Fundholders’ Expense

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2021.10.24 21:00 AutoModerator Weekly Pricing/Buying/Selling/Grading & General Questions Post

Hello! This is this week's weekly pricing, buying, selling, grading, and general questions post. Here you can ask the community what your cards might be worth, if you should buy what you have your mind on, whether or not you should grade a card, etc. Be sure to post images where applicable.
You can also check out the Pokemon Quick Info Guide made by u/Lyleberr.
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2021.10.24 21:00 AutoModerator Weekly Question Thread

Before asking for help:

If you feel your question warrants a self-post or may not be answered in the weekly thread, try posting it at EmulationOnPC. For problems with emulation on Android platforms, try posting to EmulationOnAndroid.
If you'd like live help, why not try the /Emulation Discord? Join the #tech-support channel and ask- if you're lucky, someone'll be able to help you out.
All weekly question threads
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2021.10.24 21:00 AutoModerator Music Melting Pot [Week of October 25, 2021]

The melting pot is a free-for-all music sharing thread posted weekly.

We'd like to invite everyone to reply with...

* Anything you've been listening to recently and enjoying.
* Great obscure music that doesn't get the upvotes you think it deserves.
* Your own playlists, mixtapes, or other good compilations you've found.
* New releases this week and your opinions on those albums.
* If you're an artist, share your music with us and tell us about it.

Guidelines to get the most out of these threads...

* Always provide listening links for anything you share here.
* Tell us a little bit about what you're sharing and why you like it.
* No top40/hall of fame artists, no 'corporate bullshit' music please!
* For top-level comments, downvote if there is no listening link.
* Format any posted links as follows: \[Artist - "Song Title"\]\(https://www.yoururlhere.com) instead of just posting the URL.
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2021.10.24 21:00 AutoModerator Ask Experienced Devs Weekly Thread: A weekly thread for inexperienced developers to ask experienced ones

A thread for Developers and IT folks with less experience to ask more experienced souls questions about the industry.

Please keep top level comments limited to Inexperienced Devs. Most rules do not apply, but keep it civil. Being a jerk will not be tolerated.

Inexperienced Devs should refrain from answering other Inexperienced Devs' questions.
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2021.10.24 21:00 AutoModerator Weekly Question - Recommendation - Help Thread

Having a difficulty to choose between two sensors for your project?
Do you hesitate between which motor is the more suited for you robot arm?
Or are you questioning yourself about a potential robotic-oriented career?
Wishing to obtain a simple answer about what purpose this robot have?
This thread is here for you ! Ask away. Don't forget, be civil, be nice!
This thread is for:

Note: If your question is more technical, shows more in-depth content and work behind it as well with prior research about how to resolve it, we gladly invite you to submit a self-post.
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2021.10.24 21:00 AutoModerator Weekly: Beginner Questions Monday

Happy Beginner Questions Monday! After taking a look at our wiki, the fitness wiki, and using the search bar, please use this thread to ask any beginner questions. If you have already read those wikis and have questions about them, please reference those pages so we can better help you. Repeat questions will not be deleted from this thread, but might be answered more quickly and easily using past resources. Whether you're brand new to the sub, brand new to fitness, or a long-time lurker, welcome to the sub!
Because this thread is likely to fill up quickly, consider sorting the comments by "new" (instead of "best" or "top") to see the newest posts.
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2021.10.24 21:00 NikStalwart Got Questions? SWTOR Questions & Answer Thread + New & Returning Player Posts (week of Oct 25, 2021)

Feel free to ask any SWTOR related questions in this thread! New & Returning Players are also welcome to post their introductions here too.
SWTOR Frequently Asked Questions

The State of SWTOR Free Stuff
  • Free Pet, Mount and Flair Codes: Go to https://account.swtor.com/usecodes Enter these codes separately to get some free mounts and pets! NYCANTINA19 (free flair), SWCELEBRATION17 (M8-3R Droid Pet). Note these codes eventually expire, but we don't know when. Please contact the mods if they no longer work.
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2021.10.24 21:00 AutoModerator Weekly Students, Careers & Clerkships Thread

This thread is a place for /Auslaw's more curious types to glean career advice from our experienced contributors. Need advice on clerkships? Want to know about life in law? Confused about what your dad means when he says 'articles'? Just ask here.
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2021.10.24 21:00 Karn-The-Creator Nicol's Newcomer Monday!

Nicol Bolas the forever serpent laughs at your weakness. Gain the tools and knowledge to enhance your game and overcome tough obstacles.

Welcome to the latest Monday Newcomer Thread, where you, the community, get to ask your questions and share your knowledge. This is an opportunity for the more experienced Magic players here to share some of your wisdom with those with less expertise. This thread will be a weekly safe haven for those *noobish* questions you may have been too scared to ask for fear of downvotes, but can also be a great place for in-depth discussion if you so wish. So, don't hold back, get your game related questions ready and post away, and hopefully, someone can answer them!
Please feel free to ask questions about deckbuilding and anything Magic related in our daily thread; and we always welcome effortful stand alone posts with new ideas or discussion points.
Finally, please visit Tibalt's Friday Tirade for all your ranting/venting needs. Do not spam this thread with complaints.


What you can do to help?

This is a weekly thread, meaning it will be posted once a week. Checking back on this thread later in the week and answering any questions that have been posted would be a huge help!

If you're trying to ask a question, the more specific you are, the better it is for all of us! We can't give you any help if we don't get much to work with in the first place.



  • Check out our Discord Channel here.

  • Visit our sidebar for valuable resources such as FAQ, rules, WOTC tracker and more.


If you have any suggestions for this thread, please let us know through modmail how we could improve!
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2021.10.24 21:00 AutoModerator Weekly Questions Megathread - October, 25, 2021

Welcome to the weekly questions megathread. Here is where you can ask all your build or theorycrafting related questions that might not warrant a full post. Curious about how something works? Ask it here!
You can see previous weeks megathreads here.
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2021.10.24 21:00 AutoModerator Mobage Monday

Welcome to Mobage Monday This post is for people to share any new or old mobage cards that they come across!
if you want to upload multiple cards, Imgur.com is a great image hosting site to use.

Mobage Monday Related Post
4 Year Anniversary: 14,400+ Cards!
Past Mobage Monday
670 Nude Cards Post
Mobile Friendly Nude Cards Download by u/UltraGaiy
Women of DxD B-W-H
Mobage FAQ Q: What are these Mobage cards?
A: Mobage cards come from the DxD Mobile game
Q: Where/can I download the Mobile game and what is it called?
A: You can not download it as it is a mobile web browser game and the games name is "High School DxD"
Q: I still want to play it, is it in English?
A: No, it is only in Japanese and requires Japanese to make an account.
Q: Where can I found new Mobage cards if Mobage Monday is not going to be what it use to be?
A: https://www.deviantart.com/farramm
A: https://highschooldxd-gamecards.blogspot.com/
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2021.10.24 21:00 AutoModerator Meme Monday! Time for some ally memes y'all.

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2021.10.24 21:00 AutoModerator weekly emotions megathread

a place where people coping with an anxious attachment style can come to express their emotions whenever they are feeling anxious or triggered. posted every week on sunday night.
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2021.10.24 21:00 AutoModerator Forum Liber - Întrebați și discutați cu /r/Romania Orice - 25.10.2021

Acest thread, creat pentru a nu aglomera subredditul cu discuții minore, este destinat întrebărilor și discuțiilor scurte, mai puțin serioase, off-topic sau de interes restrâns. Nu uitați că o mare parte din întrebări și discuții s-ar potrivi mai bine în alte subreddituri specializate.
Acest thread va fi recreat de două ori pe săptămână (luni și vineri dimineața). Thread-urile noi off-topic sau de interes restrâns vor fi șterse iar autorul va fi îndrumat aici. Pentru alte informații, citiți FAQ sau contactați moderatorii.
Dacă vreți să discutați live cu alți rodditori, nu ezitați să intrați pe Discord sau IRC.
Posturile anterioare
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2021.10.24 21:00 AutoModerator Official Weekly Lucky/Unlucky Thread - Celebrate/Rage Here

Here's your chance to post your lucky/unlucky pulls, weapons, promotions or other whimsical divination from Lady Luck.
Other posts outside of this thread about pulls, weapons, skill transfers, promotions, etc. may be removed.
As always, please be considerate to other players and don't flame each other - e.g. goad people who are unlucky. Everyone has a bad day sometime, and sometimes people just need to vent without judgement.
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2021.10.24 21:00 AutoModerator Oct 25, 2021 | MC Monday submissions are now being accepted!

We can't wait to see what yall have come up with!
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2021.10.24 21:00 AutoModerator [Weekly Question and Team Help Mega-Thread, Ask here!]

Be sure to check the reddit FAQ Here for many answers before asking.
Our Wiki and sidebar also have a large collection of useful resources.
Feel free to join our Reddit Chat, IRC Channel or Discord for a more immediate answer.
Consider sorting the comments by "new."
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2021.10.24 21:00 AutoModerator Oct 25, 2021 - Weekly General Help/Questions Megathread

All basic gameplay and help questions should be asked in this Megathread. This includes questions such as: "Which Karma should I evolve/work on next?", "How does X work?", "How do I get X item?", or other questions that can be answered with a simple response.
Questions that require or garner more discussion can still be posted as separate posts. It is up to mod discretion as to whether it should be removed or not and posted in the Megathread.
Resources And Guides General Tips & Guides:

Gameplay Help:
All about Karma:
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2021.10.24 21:00 AutoModerator Monday Moan Thread

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2021.10.24 21:00 AutoModerator Weekly new watch thread

Start your bragging!
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2021.10.24 21:00 AutoModerator Mentorship Monday

This is the weekly thread for career and education questions and advice. There are no stupid questions; so, what do you want to know about certs/degrees, job requirements, and any other general cybersecurity career questions?
Additionally, we encourage everyone to check out Questions posted in the last week and see if you can answer them!
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2021.10.24 21:00 bfred Daily Waivers, Trades, and RMT Thread

Reminder: please comment all team questions in this thread, they will be removed if posted individually!
Use this thread to post questions specific to your team, such as:

  • Waiver Wire Decisions
  • Trade Proposals
  • Rate My Team / Lineup Questions
Please be sure to give context such as:
  • What platform/scoring/league size you play with (better yet, flair up)
  • Your current team / players in the position in question
  • What players are available to pick up
Remember to add your user flair so people don't have to ask about those league details for every post!
Click Here to Join our subreddit discord for real-time discussion and quicker responses to your questions!
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