TikTok DIY Cloud LED Ceiling discussion.

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2021.10.24 23:08 Zxndra TikTok DIY Cloud LED Ceiling discussion.

Here soon I’m going to be moving out. I’ve made exciting plans with a lot of cool ideas from this sub with my new room. One thing I’ve seen floating around is that cool Cloud LED ceiling on TikTok (not sure if it originated there or just became a popular trend on there, but that’s were I saw it).
I’ve been doing my due diligence and researching how people have done it and what would be the best materials to use. In doing so I’ve seen a lot of projects and results that look absolutely hideous: https://imgur.com/a/iQmV5lx I want to avoid this at all cost.
The ones that look better do the exact same steps however. Which is why I thought I should bring this here. https://imgur.com/a/CUJrti0 these are some results I’ve seen that I like a lot. The light is evenly dispersed and it looks how you’d imagine it would look just by describing it.
To those who’ve done it: What did you do? How did you get the best results? What are some pointers you’d give?
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2021.10.24 23:08 pharmerK LPT: To easily separate the pumpkin seeds from the “guts,” place it all in a large mixing bowl and fill with water. The seeds will float to the top and the rest will stay at the bottom. No more digging through the slime.

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2021.10.24 23:08 KillerPrince930 don't know where else to post this

don't know where else to post this
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2021.10.24 23:08 Arya7Li There is a window in the shade, and outside the window is a bright sky and white clouds.

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2021.10.24 23:08 DRS1989 PSLF Question

Here’s my situation—
I have federal Direct Loans. I’ve been working full time at a 501(c)3 since January 2016. My servicer is Nelnet. I’ve been paying on these loans using Revised Pay As You Earn repayment since I started working with this organization. A few weeks ago, I printed out the PSLF form on the Nelnet website. HR filled out the relevant details, and I mailed the completed form to the Harrisburg, PA address given in the instructions. A few days ago, I received a communication in my Nelnet inbox saying that my account is going to be transferred over to FedLoan on or around November 1, 2021 because they handle accounts of borrowers who participate in PSLF. Is this what usually happens when you apply to enroll in PSLF? I didn’t realize I’d be switched to another servicer.
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2021.10.24 23:08 Rojer0077 Ethernity_cloud fastest Growing Project

Ethernity_cloud project is qualitative, it is obvious that the team works and puts in it heart and soul, looking forward to see the development of this project.
#crytpo #blockchain #cryptocurrency #cloud #decentralized #altcoin #confidentiality #privacy #token #coin
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2021.10.24 23:08 Real_Bite_8952 Which assassin?

Which one should I buy? I want a dash skill to get to a hero or get away from one. Also high damage would be good. I have benedetta in mind but is there a better hero with these qualities?
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2021.10.24 23:08 iwantamoshpitfuneral As if a sign from the universe, it was this exact moment I found out season 2 was confirmed... as the s1 opening plays on iTunes

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2021.10.24 23:08 mreis2323 Victoria Justice

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2021.10.24 23:08 Rodriguezjasmine412 66 System of a Down songs ranked from worst to best

66) 36 65) She’s Like Heroin 64) DDevil 63) This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I’m on This Song 62) F**k the System 61) Jet Pilot 60) CUBErt 59) Vicinity of Obscenity 58) Shimmy 57) Old School Hollywood 56) Pictures 55) Mind 54) Soldier Side - Intro 53) X 52) Stealing Society 51) Cigaro 50) Thetawaves 49) U-Fig 48) Darts 47) Chic n’ Stu 46) Forest 45) Boom! 44) Ego Brain 43) Bounce 42) Sad Statue 41) Bubbles 40) Soil 39) Needles 38) Psycho 37) Know 36) Suggestions 35) Mr. Jack 34) Deer Dance 33) Attack 32) Roulette 31) Question! 30) ATWA 29) Tentative 28) Nüguns 27) Radio/Video 26) Soldier Side 25) Spiders 24) Lost in Hollywood 23) I-E-A-I-A-I-O 22) Science 21) B.Y.O.B. 20) Peephole 19) Lonely Day 18) Aerials 17) Streamline 16) Hypnotize 15) Suite-Pee 14) A.D.D. 13) Prison Song 12) Kill Rock ‘N Roll 11) Revenga 10) Sugar 9) Dreaming 8) Toxicity 7) Violent Pornography 6) War? 5) Holy Mountains 4) Innervision 3) P.L.U.C.K. 2) Chop Suey! 1) Highway Song
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2021.10.24 23:08 Trickshotzzz [USA-MA] [H] LHR ZOTAC RTX 3080 Trinity OC [W] Local Cash, Paypal

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/vuYRem1
Card is BNIB ,sealed and can provide invoice to register warranty.
I accept trades but would love for it to be a local trade.
Price: $1350 Local $1400 Shipped
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2021.10.24 23:08 boxxes_of_bells Advice??

Hey um I'm new to oil painting and I see actual amazing art in this place so I was wondering if anyone has advice for beginners? Ive messed around with acrylic, gouache, and watercolor so I know they all have different techniques, so I was wondering if there are ones that apply specifically to Oil. any help is greatly appreciated!
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2021.10.24 23:08 chefyeeboii Just got a Yamaha RX-V367 for free from a neighbor - is it worth it?

We recently upgraded our couch and decided to think about upgrading our A/V setup. Our old setup consisted of an old Sonos Play 5 plugged in via the 3.5mm port.
I was researching receivers/speakers but my partner was a little too antsy to watch Dune and decided to pick up a soundbar from Best Buy. Lo and behold, a neighbor posted about giving away a Yamaha RX-V367 earlier and I was able to swipe it. However, after reading reviews like this one:

"What you will be missing with this receiver is any sort of native high definition HDMI audio decoding. This means no HD audio codecs like Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio. While the RX-V367 can still accept uncompressed multichannel PCM over HDMI and standard definition audio, it can't decode any of the high def audio codecs internally.
The soundbar my partner got supports Dolby Audio and I will say it has solved the initial problem we had with dialogue that was too quiet and music that was too loud, but I can tell that the overall sound is a bit more tinny (small soundbar speakers, I know).
My question is, should I try to get this receiver up and running with some speakers?, or is it not worth it due to that HD audio processing issue?
Also FYI, my TV's audio settings are abysmal.
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2021.10.24 23:08 RegExrBot Pokmon Funko Pop! Eevee (Diamond Glitter) (Shared Sticker) #626 (PRE-ORDER) now available at Balyot

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2021.10.24 23:08 Zealousideal-Beat-36 Mega Absol add 7207 5883 6726 or 8405 1317 6088

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2021.10.24 23:08 handsjuan Pixel Disruption is a collection that admires the beauty in glitch, represented in 150 unique chromo-saturaded digital made pieces. FIRST 27 PIECES AVAILABLE NOW! https://opensea.io/collection/pixeldisruption

Pixel Disruption is a collection that admires the beauty in glitch, represented in 150 unique chromo-saturaded digital made pieces. FIRST 27 PIECES AVAILABLE NOW! https://opensea.io/collection/pixeldisruption submitted by handsjuan to NFTExchange [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 23:08 Worried-Mirror-5354 Sprig plantar sucks...

Sprig plantar actually sucks, He's very immature yet acts like he isn't. Plus idk why but he keeps getting what he wants after acting terrible. Like in "cracking mrs. Croaker", "Thai Feud", and is even terrible in The dinner. Like I'm getting pretty tired of him at this point.
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2021.10.24 23:08 JermaCali Are melee builds any good late game in fallout 76?

Any recommendations on better builds if melee sucks? I’ve been using them a lot so far but I’m only level 5 and I’m worried they won’t be very useful later on.
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2021.10.24 23:08 Big_lad_420 So I play on ps4 and don't have many dlcs and I have a little questions.

1: what is the best class non dlc for stealth? 2: what is the best way to get experience? Do I use crime spree or just do heist on the highest difficulty. 3: whats the best equipment for hiest where I want to just go in and out?
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2021.10.24 23:08 AirOnAaron 4956 3054 1386 - Darkrai raid. Can add up to 10. Show Online for priority.

4956 3054 1386
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2021.10.24 23:08 AlieanBreac George W. Bush listens to Jeb explain the metric system (1961)

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2021.10.24 23:08 Gh0sT_PATRIOT H: AA50vhc15fr AGL W: Offers

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2021.10.24 23:08 pestelikki Hypebeast Coupon Code Reddit

Here is the Hypebeast Coupon Code Reddit
Really good site if you are looking for coupon codes. You can find most stores deals, coupons, deals on there.
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2021.10.24 23:08 Outrageous_Celery475 DARKRAI RAID NOW, ADDING

8705 3346 6705
The raid ends in a couple minutes, so add me quickly
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2021.10.24 23:08 Archangel-10 Jacob

How do we get him in a playthrough? I'm trying to get him but I'm not sure how. Can someone please help, thank you.
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