The memories hung like impressionist art

2021.10.24 21:24 Death2Zombees The memories hung like impressionist art

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2021.10.24 21:24 TraderBrandon Traveling from Barovia to Krezk

My players are headed to Krezk. According to the map is about an eight hour journey from the village of Barovia. I was thinking of making it a multi day journey since it's almost literally the farthest point on the map.
Two of my PC's (out of five) have eaten Dream Pastries, so I'm excited for them to go to sleep. What could go wrong if I have them camp overnight in the woods on the way to Krezk?
What are some things you've done to get your PCs from Barovia to Krezk?
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2021.10.24 21:24 fusiongal This!

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2021.10.24 21:24 ThatDudeYallKnow $7 entry fee. (22,500vids)(200+ megalinks). Telegram user is @wokendemon ,hit me on there if account is removed

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2021.10.24 21:24 Confident-Ad2399 A lackluster dnd horror story part 4

Continued from part 3 or could be read as a one off story.
And now the final campaign I have decided to ever do with Gob. It starts back at the Uni DnD society. To do the flooding and rebuilding reasons I have to re-sit a year on my course. Fine by me, but still a little annoying for various of reasons, I end up with Gob and Yugi, Yugi who I know from my previous year.
Gob because the president of the DnD society had a bad experience and didn’t want to play with him again, aka hey op can you take Gob because you know at this point, I couldn’t state I didn’t want him at my table, nor did I have any method of clearly stating of DnD society kicking him. Yes, I had no method of kicking him off my table because it’s a society.
And the president is well the best of mention a diiferent story.
And after setting up my table on season 0 of being a simple one shot for people, (and me being an idiot in regards of messages) I end up with three people at my table. Before that however I had a private message of Yugi, whom for want better words who also had a bad experience with Gob. But this time explained it to me. As a result, I released if I have Gob at my table either 1 wait until he did something or 2 do nothing.
I start of explaining my premise of what I would like from a campaign. After not really explaining my reasoning behind having monster characters in this setting would more than likely be harder for pcs (as most of the npcs would be in kill mode at first slight due to this place being rural backwaters) That’s on me.
Three things happen as a result part one explaining that one, I would like to see the character sheets, two I would like to see their character sheets and three the backstory should be in at the end of next week. And I don’t mind having a connected backstories as they sound fun and one day, I would like to see one in action in my own games. And if people like the one shot, I would use it as a form of this is how the party was formed.
I gave an example of my kobold character idea as a suitable idea of what a connected backstory could be. Gob’s respond was to state something like this “but Tek never really got a chance to do anything like that....” I decided to ignore that.
While after talking to the rest of the table trying to figure what people want to play, Gob first after writing down, one character’s name started laughing, the first being Tek. I said no and he then changed it to Gob.
After a few minutes of talking to Gob stating no, (I don’t want to have gob in my campaign due to my own plot/campaign item to which I’m not revel here. But knowing of what DM had been building up to I figured that Gob would definably not fit.). After a few minutes I gave up due to Gob not backing down and being well Gob admitting to this "He’s supposed to jump around campaigns and pop randomly".... people at that point I should of kick Gob. But I generally didn’t have any issues other than he’s going to basic drag the party into murder hobos.
Afterwards we started the one shot. And began by introducing another player as a means of thanks for coming. I wouldn’t bore you on the details but what end up happening was Gob’s start by eating an entire pig, by eating it with his fingers and mouth. Naturally people do not like this and start looking like gob like a barbarian. Only two of players are enjoying this, namely Gob.
After signing up for a fun completion, mostly evolving drinks, and fun other things, the party go to sleep. When they are woken up, Gob has water thrown on him to wake him up, in which he decides to be well the following. Run around the party acting like well a complete wild animal. First by unleashing an unearthly screech then by climbing up the side of stables and running around the side of the inn with everyone watching (using spider climb because of course he does).
As a result, all of the npcs think of Gob as a god dam beast and want nothing to do with him. He’s over charged for his second pig (in which I force a constitution check because two whole pig is a lot of food even for a goblin) After finishing at that scene I set up the next stage but nothing other noteworthy Gob/horror story happens.
After season 0, I started messaging the table and asking for information about everyone’s characters. Starting with Gob. I message dm asking for Gobs backstory the next day, and got a quick response, he didn’t have access to the notes and fair enough. I then relay this to Gob. He quickly makes a cleric....and guess what type of cleric? That’s right a trickers cleric. because that’s different right?
Yugi whom I have talking in private and he got in contract with another person who, gave me this piece advice which I’m paraphrasing by a lot.
In short Gob’s maybe cheats because it’s not likely to have success after success, so punish him without proof. Gob has a habit of needing to in the spotlight, so his standard practices are to run away from the party. So have secondary objectives for Gob alone. Despite trying to make characters whom seem interesting they are all the same, and forces himself into the centre of the action. And if he dies well, he would act well a like a child.
My own thinking if Gobs going to act like a child, he’s going to be a treated like a child and yes at this point I wanted Gob gone from my table and for the rest of life.
Next thing that happens is a four new players join my table due to a mixture of real life for all of them. But importantly I have to mention this but one the new players was completely new as in never even play video games. As result, I start off character creation with the set purpose of using standard arrays to help ease them with numbers, and avoiding any classes that had magic. After explaining this to Yugi, he asked if it be alright to change his stats due to wanting to help the new players and allowing them to have the spotlight.
Gob when talking to him about everyone else using standard arrays and that there were new people at the table as in completely new, I would like you know everyone to be equal and not have one person having God like stats, when I explained that while I understand if he didn’t want to change his stats, because you know munchkin.... he states but they are really good stats. I dropped the issue, understanding that I’m coming across well a b*tch.
Gob’s backstory took a while to come through. As in I have message a day before and I’m going to copying pasting here. and editing it ... because I still cannot process this, and honestly if you are playing a cleric surely you would do your own research right?
So in short Gob wanted to play a cleric whom worship Tymora a CG goddess, but stole from Mystra, a NG Goddess’s temple. Because of course Gob cannot do any form of basic research, as I give a few alternates of whom could of done it, and other things. When I mention Tymora's sister Beshaba being the goddess of Mysfortune.
This entire conversation took place one day before the next season, so imagine my frustration at Gob at this moment. So, we met up to chat for a bit and he agrees about worshiping both of the goddess. This is at moment of complete asshole for me, because I go to print something off at the uni library (namely maps and cheats) he asks for me to print of his character sheets spell list not even asking nicely. I’m at this point a little pissed off. So, I decided to tell him to do it him believing he would know how to print a pdf of his own DnD beyond account. no, no he didn’t.
He also complained that playing a cleric would mean forced roleplay or something to those lines. And then asked to copy from my laptop his characters spells. because no he didnt download his character sheet from dnd beyond and then printing of their.
At the season continuing from the season 0, because of the players enjoying the settle up that much, manged to get rid of Gob, introduced his cleric and in his words, he would like to deception everyone for money as a cleric of Torm. This wouldn’t be a problem, but He is serving Tymora, an actual Goddess of GOOD FORTUNE. In other words, he didn’t read anything I sent he for lore reasons, nor did he read the players hand book which clearly states she a goddess of fortune aka luck. So, while in hiding why not just use his own Goddess, and I tried to hint at this with Gob.
Due to reasons the room we were in it was three tables, and very crowded. Needless to say, I decided to one of three things move rooms, move days, or move to the su on a different day. Because Gob was invited to another table on Thursdays, he agreed to move. And then it turned out we could move rooms on the same day. That’s not important what happens next is what makes me mad.
Because my next season which was mostly completely full with new players and they were more expressive than Gob ever be. The new players were more invested in what I had built for them. I never want to run a table for Gob ever again, because he just wants to the following each and every time. One steal everything, two have a special backstory or just play Gob again. I understand he’s like chaotic characters as they can do anything they like.
TLDR I as a increable passive person cannot kick a player like Gob, and we end this story with a lacklustre story with no rage quiting or anything like that .
Thank you for reading this long post, I appreciate any comments of critique because well I need it.
Edits this was an original one stupidly long post decided to spilt it up into 4 parts
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2021.10.24 21:24 AbuJavascript Ditching my smartphone. For me, saving money is a big reason for it. What is my best option (from the US)?

I've always hated having a smartphone, for many reasons. My phone just got lost and I have no plans to replace it with a new one.
I do want a phone though just for my family to be able to contact me in an emergency.
I only want my new phone to be able to call and text. In fact, one or the other would be fine. I don't need both functionalities.
I went to the store thinking I could get a cheap phone and a cheap plan, but everything was more expensive than I had expected. Turns out you don't save much money by going minimalist. Also, everything added more features than I wanted. Does nobody just buy cheap emergency flip phones anymore? Does everyone need a f****** browser connection 24/7?
I had an unlimited plan on t-mobile, but the website says I can downgrade to an "essentials" plan which is 60 GB per month for $90, and I have two phones on the plan. That's $45 for 60 GB. At walmart, they were selling 1 GB for $30.
$45 for 60 GB and $30 for 1 GB?
I want to go minimalist but I don't want to pay extra to go minimalist. That feels a bit like paying for ripped jeans.
If I am paying just to be minimalist, that ruins it for me.
But it just crossed my mind to ask this subreddit since everyone here is passionate about digital minimalism.
Is there any way to cheaply get a cell phone or some sort of portable SMS-machine? Or should I just go back to the smartphone life and learn self control?
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2021.10.24 21:24 Milfhunter_Sir_881 The Top POST of Holder Ranking Metric is Extremely Misleading - this is why we should "dyor"

I have seen some absurd post that gets upvoted in this sub but none quite than this in terms of metrics. OP found a good data visualization and thought he cracked it but NO.
The top 100 holder wallet will always include:

  1. Liquidity
  2. The Developer's Wallet
  3. The Exchanges (Binance, Kucoin, FTX and etc.)
  4. Private ICO investors
  5. Burned Addresses
  6. Public (Whales, Crabs, Shrimps, etc. )
So no, that is definitely not a good metric. Should we be worried? If you see an address that has an absurd amount of holdings that probably is the liquidity (if it is not named). Liquidity's are locked onto a certain period (Years, Decades, Centuries). Burned Addresses? It is literally named (blackhole or burn) check out shiba's token holder ranking. Please for a moment, can we stop spreading misinformation for the sake of m (f)
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2021.10.24 21:24 surly-1 Night-night

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2021.10.24 21:24 GryfTheBadger (OC) This is so bad I'm sorry

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2021.10.24 21:24 Orbian2 The LGA Airtran is going through another round of Planning Consultation. How many times has it been through this before? And when?

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2021.10.24 21:24 queennovaoffical Feedback

Can you all give me feedback on some of my songs.
Follow me
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2021.10.24 21:24 Davrimgaming Ep. 50 - Reviewing the Player Experience - A Sea of Thieves Podcast

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2021.10.24 21:24 aaronclark384 So I removed the flint wheel and I have the wheel but lost the rivet. How do I get it working again, the insert is sedimental.

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2021.10.24 21:24 ElSherri Just finished the updated windows on my r32, how did it come out?

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2021.10.24 21:24 TheMayMayMakers Only a little 100 mph wind, (Post by u/GravyxNips)

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2021.10.24 21:24 geekmaster_ragingeek REVIEW - Zombie Captain America - Marvel Legends What If ? - Hasbro

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2021.10.24 21:24 Naito8147 Have I ruined their potential?

I promoted 3 youth team players in the January transfer window and loaned them out on short term loans till the end of the season. Start of the new season and they all have the message "joined the club in 2022" rather than the "showing great potential" and similar messages. Have I f*cked it?
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2021.10.24 21:24 silversunk The practise of mindfulness to get out of and start living beyond survival mode- what is it like?

And what can be some guiding aspects? (Books/thoughts/people etc.)
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2021.10.24 21:24 Sunrizly Made a drawing of my skykid with the little prince's scarf ❤

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2021.10.24 21:24 feralheathen Lord Grantham and Jane

Not a question, just a comment. I'm rewatching season two, and I cannot overstate how much I cringe when Lord Grantham and Jane are together! The scene with Anna and Mr. Bates in bed didn't help, either. Ugh! So much fast-forwarding!!!
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