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I, a 19 y/o trans guy, lost my virginity to my boyfriend last week. AMA!

2021.12.06 15:37 elijamessss I, a 19 y/o trans guy, lost my virginity to my boyfriend last week. AMA!

I know people have lots of sex related questions for trans folks, let me hear them all!
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2021.12.06 15:37 iamre Good Discord alternative?

Me and my friends are looking for a good discord alternative with the same functionality ie posting pics and vids, channels, etc...
Our server was nuked for breaking discords guidelines I guess so we are looking for something new without those restrictive guidelines. As much as I hate what discord did I have to admit they had a good UI / system set up.
I know there's tons of alternatives out there, but is there one that is just a step above the rest? I've heard Element Matrix is a good one?
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2021.12.06 15:37 Nice_Incident7266 AITAH For not canceling my dog's training class to let my boyfriend's family stay at night.

Me (F, 28yo) and my Boyfriend (M, 29yo) live together with my dog (a friendly Labrador retriever). During the pandemic, having my dog in training has helped me to put my mind on something and keep my mental health under control.- I assist 2 days a month (saturday and sunday) to a face to face class in a dog owner's club, I always have the date that we will be assisting planed on in advance, so we don't plan anything on those days. When the date of the class was defined I told Him and also told him that the classmates wanted to have a reunion after to celebrate Christmas and I wanted to go, he "That's fine, we can hang out with them and get know them more"
-Also every year, my boyfriend and I try to make an early Christmas dinner with his uncle and some of his cousins and he decided to plan the dinner the same Saturday as my class, a thing that didn't bother me at firs because my class is early in the morning. But then things started to add up.
1.- I will not assist to the celebration with the classmates because of the family dinner, I didn't care that much I'm just starting to know them, and I'm sure that there will be more reunions to hang out the next year.2.- He invited one of his cousins who I don't really like, he first asked his uncle if that was ok with him, then he asked his cousin, and then invited her, he doesn't even bother to ask me. After all of it he just told me that he invited her, even if I don't like her I don't care if she comes, the thing is her husband hates dogs, and also she has a special needs baby girl and because they hate dogs they don't like dogs to be around the baby, so my boyfriend said I will have to put my dog on a kennel for all the time that they are here, I can put my dog in the Kennel for some hours because he is comfortable in the kennel for some time but not that much time, so I figured out I can put him in the Kennel when everyone gets here and while we eat, then I can have him on a leash, so he is all the time by my side and not bothering anybody. I don't like this, but I decided to chose my battles and let also this one go.
3.- He told me we had to pay the Uber for one of his family members if not he was not coming, again I didn't have a problem with that but then this person asked to stay at night with his family because he didn't want to go back in an Uber late at night, so my boyfriend want's me to cancel my Sunday class in order for his cousin not just to stay but can be here as long as he wants to. I don't want to cancel my class, I already paid for it and canceling means losing the money plus, I planned ahead of time, also this is not about the money he is the one taking decisions last minute and not even asking, so I said "no, I'm not canceling, if they want they can come with us to the class, and then we can take them somewhere for breakfast, or they can stay here and don't get up super early with us, I will ask my coach to be the first one, so we can leave super early and come back with some food and still have breakfast together here" Also to note, with this family staying over my dog will have to stay all night in his kennel because they will be sleeping on some mattresses on the living room we live in a small apartment (So dinner 5 to 6 Hours + Night 8 Hours = 13 to 14 hours in a kennel that so much time, I'm not letting that happen).
Now He is mad and not talking to me
To add on: I does not drive so, I can't go to the class by my self, Ubers don't allow dogs, so I can't go on an Uber either.
AITAH for not canceling my scheduled ahead plans for his last minute family dinner?
Also AITAH for not kenneling up my dog all that time just because his family doesn't like him, even if the visitors are them and not the dog?
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2021.12.06 15:37 fearknowledge Kasivaki: An Ancient Tongan Game That Was More Than Underwater Rugby

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2021.12.06 15:37 FruitGuruM State of States: Weekly City States newsletter (week 49) 2021

Since some people may not be signed up, here is the Medium version of our weekly newsletter for this week (register for CityStates to get the nicer looking version ;) here:https://app.citystatesm.com/auth/login )

Also, please make sure to vote in this weeks community poll!
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2021.12.06 15:37 NewsElfForEnterprise A 3D printed vaccine is pain-free and can be self-administered, cutting down on hospital trips

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2021.12.06 15:37 UnHappyGingah Looking pretty submissable and breedable my guys

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2021.12.06 15:37 Lopunnything How long in between Gen 4 sitting cutie waves?

Does anyone have any info on this or how it happened for previous gens? Really want the Shaymin one and it didn’t appear in the first wave so how long should I expect to wait for the next. A week? Months? Plz lmk
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2021.12.06 15:37 Lazurus-3 H: ve laser and ie laser W: tse90 Gatling laser 2:1

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2021.12.06 15:37 Pechugasslaru Blast on a local computer

Hi guys!
I was looking for a tutorial to extract hits in fasta format from a blast run locally.
Actually I was able to carry out these actions in cmd:
makeblastdb -in genome.fasta -out genome -dbtype nucl -title Genome
blastn -query query.txt -db genome -max_target_seqs 1 -evalue 1e-10 -out Results.txt
but from this point I am stuck.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.06 15:37 Don_De_ElPueblo Doesn’t turn on maybe CPU?

Came home one day to play some games and computer wouldn’t turn on thought it was the case switch but the onboard power doesn’t work either, tested another power supply same thing, moved around the ram same thing, I took out of case bc maybe it was a short and nothing still I’m thinking it might be the CPU any thoughts? I also did the cmos battery https://imgur.com/a/g8LBfNY
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2021.12.06 15:37 Phasinated33 What is the best online dating platform in Poland?

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2021.12.06 15:37 NaBUru38 [Rugby union] Emily Boulard’s try vs Wales wins the vote for the 2021 Women’s Try of the Year

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2021.12.06 15:37 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - HC asks liquidator to take over SpiceJet assets for unpaid dues | The Hindu

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2021.12.06 15:37 iho5679 Conta de Mobile Legends Lvl 66 Gloria Mitica nas season Skins: Baisca 70 Elite 25 Special 15 Epic/Limitada 15 Stars 9 Transformers 1 Collector 1 (wanwan) Epic limited ( Kagura,Selena,Kimmy e Harley) Emblemas Full 60 Todos herois comprado Mais informações wpp. 35 987134888 Formas de pagamento: Pix

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2021.12.06 15:37 wpgdingo POSHMARK Referral - Get $10 USD or $15 CAD when you sign up for POSHMARK and use code: THEPOSHLOVE

Poshmark is the #1 place to buy and sell fashion. Shop millions of closets - and sell yours too! Get a nice $10 USD or $15 CAD sign up bonus
Use signup code: THEPOSHLOVE
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2021.12.06 15:37 JamesM777 I didn’t know Trump plays guitar

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2021.12.06 15:37 Jdog8541 Weird price action for Harmony recently.

So the price of Harmony on Crypto.com was always about a penny or so above the price on Binance US and coin marketcap.com. Now the last couple days Binance US has the Harmony price at about two cents higher then on coin marketcap and crypto.com. Doesn’t make sense that Binance US has a 10% higher price than anywhere else. Weird.
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2021.12.06 15:37 meizinhell SARACATUNGA

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2021.12.06 15:37 mikeGLA Can I still join moonbeam crowdloan or it's over.

I kinda miss the opportunity is there other round for crowdloan? Can't find any information.
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2021.12.06 15:37 domafonzo I just got my driver's license, don't judge me

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2021.12.06 15:37 PedroStephens78 KansasCityBeer

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2021.12.06 15:37 cookie99999999 Pixel 3 XL Verizon Bootloader Unlock

Hi all, I just recently got a Pixel 3 XL, and was hoping to install LineageOS on it since according to their wiki it's fully supported. However, after digging through obscure xda threads for hours when I couldn't do it I discovered that the Verizon models, even when carrier unlocked, cannot have their bootloader unlocked. The last discussion I managed to find on this was from a few years ago, so I was just wondering if anyone happened to know of a workaround, or if I should just start saving up for (another) new phone. Thanks in advance
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2021.12.06 15:37 choicesintime Dalinar is a coward

I start off by admitting my bias: I love Dalinar as a character, but hate him as a person. He is a benevolent tyrant. To me, he is someone that uses people and discards them when they stop being useful. Even his growth takes the shape of drunken selfpity or "I forgive myself, #TheNextStep", and it has always tasted like self aggrandizement. It always seems to be about him, not about actual guilt over what he did to others, not about actual remorse. The way he treats his kids imo shows the kind of person he is inside and where his priorities lie. The fact that he wants to rescue Alethkar is not because he wants to help (he knows and is told that this is objectively a bad strategy), but because it "his" land. Pride. That's all Dalinar is to me. I can list off a bunch of other things he has done that have left me with a poor taste, but I just found out from a redditor about a WoB that just really cemented this feeling. Feel free to skip to the quote at the quote which is the important, as I ramble on a bit more before (and after) it.
I was discussing with a redditor these thoughts about Dalinar. I mentioned that I have this competely made up, uncanon image in my head of Adolin and Renarin finding out about Evi through Oathbringer because Dalinar just didn't think to sit down his kids and talk to them before publicizing such a traumatic thing. Why? Because the book is about him and weaponizing his guilt. "Look at how brave and great of a person I am for admitting all of this stuff", kinda mentality. I always thought I was just being hard on Dalinar, and of course someone with his supposed moral fiber, someone whose arc is owning up to his mistakes, would really do something like this. This talk simply occurred behind the scenes at some point.
Anyways, the redditor told me he recalled some WoB that actually seemed to confirm this exaggerated image in my head. I looked it up, and although it's not as bad as I thought, it's pretty damn bad.

Questioner: Did Dalinar tell his family about Evi and what he was confessing g before the book was published or did they find out like the general public? Brandon Sanderson: He kind of told them. He had the book read to Adolin and Renarin, in draft form, before he started releasing those drafts. 
So Adolin and Renarin did find out before he decide to tell the world at large. Not, however; before he had written about it (which implies probably his scribes and at least Navani finding out first). But the worst, most cowardly part of all of this... is he didn't tell them himself!! How huge of a coward must you be to "hey secretary, please tell my kids I killed their mother when I exterminated a whole city full of innocents". He didn't have the moral fiber to tell them before starting a book about it, and he didn't have the decency to tell them himself. What a coward. This is after OB, where supposedly he has his big character development.
Some more rambling about disliking Dalinar, feel free to skip the rest as well.
As a side note: Keep in mind how he shits on Shallan for making Adolin "disobedient". I cannot believe this man has the gall to look Adolin and Renarin in the face, let alone chastise them for anything and assume a moral high ground. I began this post by saying
Even his growth takes the shape of drunken selfpity or "I forgive myself, #TheNextStep", and it has always tasted like self aggrandizement. It always seems to be about him, not about actual guilt over what he did to others, not about actual remorse. 
and boy, does this reinforce this idea. He really doesn't care about others, just feeling better about himself. Dalinar is a coward. His strength is that of a brute and bully, when things are really hard, we see his truth. He becomes a self pitying drunk, or just goes ahead and forgives himself. I'd say the stormfather really has poor judgement on honorable people, but then again, Dalinar forced him into a bond (and he also tried Gavilar first) so we already knew. Final note of the rant: keep in mind that Dalinar's struggles are self imposed. He is escaping from the awful things he did. Unlike Shallan and Kaladin, the other main POVs who lives through traumatic hell. Dalinar rained hell on others, and then went "woe is me" because of what he did. Ok, rant over this time. Promise. Also, if you made it this far could you please tell me kids I didn't really go out for a pack of cigarettes? I want to be a responsible person, after all /s
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2021.12.06 15:37 platesturner What is Sartorial Eloquence about?

According to you?
Sorry for asking this here; this is the best subreddit I could think of.
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