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2021.12.06 13:56 MacKenzieLaura Gift question

Hi I know very little about weed and accessories but my husband knows a lot. He has a mighty vaporizer that he really likes. If I were to get him a dynavap M and the induction heater do you think that’s something he would also get use out of? Thanks!!!
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2021.12.06 13:56 ahHeHasTrblWTheSnap I was gonna make waffles but I was out of eggs, so I had a bowl with just mix and water. It’s been in the fridge for like 4 or 5 days. Am I safe to use it now that I have eggs?

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2021.12.06 13:56 sengottenalion 6 gündür 31 çekmiyorum beyler

Mistik güce ulaşmama 270 gün kaldı orospu çocukları
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2021.12.06 13:56 treehugger503 Aging parents - Pride, Embarrassment, and Retirement issues over disability

My (F27) mother (F62) is an elementary school teacher in Oregon and is in her 33rd year.
For as long as I have memories, she has suffered from arthritis in her ankles. It started when she was pregnant with me and has gotten worse every year.
Her ankles are the size of grapefruits, with no exaggeration. She had an ankle replacement surgery last year before Christmas and it was mostly a bust. When it gets bad, she walks with a cane.
I got this email from my dad (M66) this morning.
“[MOM’s NAME] said she is basically too prideful and embarrassed to keep working with her physical handicaps because she can’t do her job the way she used to do it and what she looks like to other people at school. I told her that by her standards half the people at work would need to retire because they can’t perform their job as well as they once did and also that she needs to think about her disability differently than what she currently does. That is why there are so many laws protecting people with disabilities from being fired or laid-off. It is one thing to retire because it is too painful to work anymore or just tired of work but to retire from embarrassment is not the thing to do. I think she would end up being extremely lonely and isolated being with just me 24/7. I also think she needs to do more diligence checking into the financial and medical cost implications from retirement for reasons of embarrassment. I don’t have a knowledge grip on the medical costs when retired or on disability.”
I called my mom because we got into a pretty. If blowout fight on thanksgiving about her refusing to slow down and much of the conversation surrounded her pride and refusing to do things because she was embarrassed. (Example, she would rather not go anywhere than to ever use an electric scooter like is available at some shopping stores).
She said that she doesn’t want to retire on disability and she absolutely hates the title, so why not just retire and be done with it? She’s put in her 33 years, so why can’t she retire?
I just feel overwhelmed. My dad is too logical for his own good. My mom is too prideful and stubborn for her own good.
I’m an only child and don’t have other family members to talk about.
My dad is worried about her retiring without going on disability because she is not at the age of Medicare and the medication she has to take costs thousands of dollars for each injection she has to take 4x a month.
I’m mostly just overwhelmed. This has been brewing for years and years, and she has totally refused to talk about it (hence our blowout fight last week) until now.
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2021.12.06 13:56 Unhappy-Recording-43 امبيه....

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2021.12.06 13:56 _Shoulder_ There are other things. What is your favorite “other things”?

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2021.12.06 13:56 thecupojo3 1984 Bush Vs Mondale Banner

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2021.12.06 13:56 Ok-District-8370 Bhad Bhabie - And Friend Nude 0nlyfans Video Leak.. New So Hot

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2021.12.06 13:56 Ut0tska Flags I saw on my way to school

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2021.12.06 13:56 youre_not_fleens dupe for the soft matte mauve in the colourpop Marvelous Mauves pallete?

This is a longshot but I had the Marvelous Mauve's pallete and only loved one shade from it, which is Solitaire, the top middle shade, described as a soft matte mauve on their website. Does anyone know of a dupe for this shade? It could be in any form- powder blush, multistick, whatever! I just loved this shade and want to be able to put it all over my face. Thank you!!!
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2021.12.06 13:56 Resident_Prior_9749 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 1,500 #BTC (73,822,182 USD) transferred from #Xapo to #Binance

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2021.12.06 13:56 Cheetah00 [no spoilers] Queen Hailee

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2021.12.06 13:56 Gr-owningup (25M) Prepping for Optometry school. Need advice on the best path to take.

I've been recently planning on going to Optometry school, IF everything works out well. I currently have a BA in Biology and I'm planning on doing a post-bacc program (hopefully, prehealth or preoptometry) before applying to Optometry school. I also have to factor in the OAT and prepping for that as well.
I'm currently stuck on if I should wait to take my OAT until my post-bacc program is done to get: a better GPA, full refresher and any courses I have not completed done. I'm sure this would better prepare me for the OAT but I was wondering if there's any insight on if I should wait to take it or not.
What would you suggest or from experience what was your plan of action?
I also just had a baby about 3 months ago, so I'm feeling a little demoralized on how this might affect schooling, etc. Any insight on this situation or recommendations for test prep materials would be great!
Thank you!
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2021.12.06 13:56 FloorGang-R2 Recommend the best you’re ever watched anime (you have to choose one only) that’s not,

Aot , death note, code geas , monster , tokyo revengers , naruto , one-piece since i’ve already watched those
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2021.12.06 13:56 BuddyOG [Service] Topre Tuning and Customizing by BuddyOG from Unreal Keyboards

Hi Everyone,
I'm Buddy from and I come to you with a promise of getting the most THOCK possible from your Topre keyboard! Having tuned over 90 topre boards I am very confident in my technique and would be happy to take yours to the next level!
If you wish to do it yourself I have a step by step Topre Modifications Guide for you to follow. You can also find all the products you need on my storefront.
Discord (BuddyOG#0001)
Service Request Form
Typing Demonstrations:

Modifications Lubricants
My lubricants of choice are 205g0 on the sliders and PCB, 3203 on the stabilizer sliders, and 206g2 on the stabilizer bars. Lubricating the PCB removes the noises of the capacitive springs and domes pressing against the PCB. In the case of Deskeys Domes, it is required to lubricate the springs as well with 105 to eliminate the "spring crunch".
Deskeys x Unreal Plate Gasket is the next evolution of the Unreal Topre Gasket. Made from #4 Deskeys Foam, these Plate Gaskets provide all the benefit of the previous latex gasket but are installed in strips and have 100% compatibility with the incredible Deskeys Sliders.
Before Gasket:
After Gasket:
*Rode NT1-A Condenser Microphone Raw Audio
Landing Pads
Laser cut 1/64" neoprene landing pads are my take on the "band-aid" mod. They provide a soft landing for the stabilizers rather than the hard plastic of the PCB. 1/32" Neoprene landing pads for the spacebar effectively reduce the harsh clack of the stabilizer bottoming out on the PCB.
I have been installing 1.8mm thick o-rings on each keycap to prevent bottoming out without affecting keyfeel and keytravel. At 1.2mm thick you can also use standard MX o-rings, but I find the thicker rings work better, especially on the stabilizer keys. I also have been utilizing these o-rings to help with the acoustics of the spacebar. Here is an example of o-rings eliminating the sound of the keycaps bottoming out.
Acoustic Dampener
To improve the acoustics of the keyboard, either neoprene or sorbothane is installed in the keyboard. These materials absorb vibrations and fill the void in the keyboard to help improve the thockiness. Sorbothane is the world's best sound isolating material and has been used by NASA for it's anti-vibration properties.
Dome Gaskets
Silencing rings can be added to any non-silenced board. Tactility is lost as the travel is reduced by the silencing rings. These dome gaskets can restore the loss of tactility by adding travel back to the sliders.
Using an ultrasonic cleaner I will effectively remove any existing lubricant from your keyboard as well as clean your keycaps.
I have been working with a shop in California to have my boards custom cerakoted. Have yours done as well!
Realforce Cables
Realforce cables are wired to the board but can be replaced with something of higher quality and a variety of color combinations. I work with Zap! Cables to produce a truly high end product.
In order to keep prices as low as possible, I’ve adapted an ala carte pricing scheme with a base cost. Items such as silencing rings, o-rings, or an Unreal Topre Gasket will be provided by you or can be purchased through me.

Modification Cost
Base Cost (Disassembly, Reassembly, Testing) $65
Dome Swap FREE*
Lubricate Board $0.50 / Switch
Tune Stabilizers $6 / Stab
Lubricate PCB $5
Lubricate Springs $0.50 / Spring
Install Silencing Rings $20
Install Deskeys Dome Gasket $10
Landing Pads $10
Install Deskeys x Unreal Plate Gasket $25, free for HHKB
Install O-Rings for bottoming out keys $15
Sorbothane Dampener $65-$75
Adhesive Weights FREE*
Drill Stabilizer Housings $6 / stab
Drill Heavy Grail Plate $30
Ultrasonic Clean Housings, Stems, Keycaps $30
Cerakote $100-$200
Custom Realforce Cable $40
*FREE items require purchase of the above item.
Heavy Grail Assembly The ultimate HHKB case! Having assembled 3 already I am confident in my ability to make yours the best it can be! Choose from one of my assembly packages:
Shipping Location: Massachusetts, USA
Turn Around Time: 2 weeks, no guarantees.
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2021.12.06 13:56 82shninklebot How do you handle gossip about you?

I have some people who used to be really close friends and roommates of mine for years. The dynamic wasn’t healthy and I moved out, and for many reasons and many small events we are not friends anymore. A mutual friend told me that they are all telling people we do not know well at all their side of what happened and saying things that would get people to not like me, while I am only processing this with a couple trusted people who don’t even live here and my own therapist.
Part of me wants to confront them and call them out for being immature (since in the past in this dynamic I would be quiet and bite my tongue through everything) but another part of me does not want to ignite the fire.
What would you do?
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2021.12.06 13:56 Kaninini04 Betrug! (Ich weiß auch, dass die Jahreszahl falsch ist)

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2021.12.06 13:56 djokobot I would've done the same

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2021.12.06 13:56 Brandon_Storm Where the hell do I find fairing replacements for an MT-03?

You'd think they'd be all over the place since this is a beginner bike and they probably get dropped a ton. Can't find a darn thing out there.

I'm in Canada, if it helps.
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2021.12.06 13:56 Zhukov-74 France to mimic Musk with own SpaceX-style launcher, minister says

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2021.12.06 13:56 hamyCZ Axie Infinity - Fighting all the way to the end of round 15

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2021.12.06 13:56 McChurro Speaker size

Been searching everywhere but I can never get a concrete answer, I'm looking for the correct speaker size for my 2016 Mazda 3 Sedan. If anyone can help that would be great! (Front driver door)
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2021.12.06 13:56 cheese69696969 What is your job and how much do you get paid?

Stolen from AskReddit subreddit, I'm curious what the UK equivalents are, as I'm someone who has never known what they want to do in life.
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2021.12.06 13:56 Venehindustrial U.S. records red-hot quarter for utility-scale solar, battery storage

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2021.12.06 13:56 sendep7 storage vmotions killing linux vms

I've been moving a bunch of our vm's from a vvol container to plain iscsi on the same array to consolidate and add space. and i've killed a handful of vms.
were running 7u2, the storage is EMC unity 640f. machines are complaining about filesystem errors and refusing to boot. We have Zerto replicas of some of these, but by the time we've realized there are errors our replica checkpoints are too new. so we're trying to do file system repairs.
i've never really had issues with storage vmotion in the past. is this a new issue with 7.0u2?
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