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Reshipping Scam

2022.01.27 00:09 OverPsychology8877 Reshipping Scam

I just found out that I have been a victim of a reshipping scam. They sent me 2 items and I still have them. They’ve been pressuring me for about a week now to ship out the items but I never had the chance to because I’ve been so busy with college, and my other 3 extracurricular programs. I’ve called the police already and was told to come to the station with everything and all my evidence and talk to one of the investigators. I have every single email they sent me. I didn’t give them my social security number or anything but I did give them my bank account information for “direct deposit” which I closed my account today. I just want to know if I’m gonna be in deep trouble for this? I had no idea at all and my plate is already full enough. This really sucks lol
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2022.01.27 00:09 Emistone16 Funding my KuCoin Wallet

Funding my KuCoin Wallet Hi, this is my first time using kucoin, I want to transfer all my funds from Celsius to Kucoin, because lending interest may be higher on Kucoin, so I can make more pasive income. My question here is: which network should I use in order to deposit my USDC from Celsius to Kucoin.

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2022.01.27 00:09 dangitdangit_eEeEeEE Coming to milf your mother

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2022.01.27 00:09 OG-Olko BASE BUILDING

I am an experienced player, I finished the game several times in all difficulties in a few game days (0-7 Days in game..with sleeps included).. survived hundreds of days in a row without any death and collected and crafted all items and easter eggs..almost got the platinum thropy as well.
I just need help with bulding a base at the snowy mountains.. i need dup sticks logs rocks.. i know all dup tricks as well just cant do them alone.
My PSN ID: OG-Olko Message me, or feel free to join my server. Day 92 Hard Survival
Best regards,
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2022.01.27 00:09 pinksugarpopcorn flow new

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2022.01.27 00:09 theupsetguy Comment section go brrrrr

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2022.01.27 00:09 Moondoria5 Teaching Time With Joseph Part 3

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2022.01.27 00:09 LogansTrash2 This happened 3 years ago almost, and I still miss him more than ever. (Story in comments)

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2022.01.27 00:09 Serious-Tree851 Vaccine slowed

Has anyone noticed a slowdown of vaccine appointments?
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2022.01.27 00:09 Zainecy Justices decline to halt two executions in Oklahoma amid questions about state’s lethal-injection method

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2022.01.27 00:09 Bot_Highlights Getting pretty confident in my shield swaps mid fight. (Ps4) | /u/USA-Fanboy11

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2022.01.27 00:09 swimmer2021 Warwick Level Up?

Hey ya'll,
It's me again with a question. So since the nerf of the Emberknife I've just been running a standard longsword at the beginning of the game to also help with having some gold extra and to start building items, etc. I've noticed that it takes me significantly longer to level up warwick coming out of my own jungle. I used to be able to kill the beasts on my side, top jungle, and come out level 3. Now it takes me at least both top and bot jungle on my side to get to level 3.

Now I'm relatively new and am still trying to figure things out slowly and surely, but I'm not sure if this is a nerf to the beasts or if the Emberknife actually helped Warwick level up faster. I tried looking at patch notes but was left empty-handed. Can someone maybe speak to this for me? It's totally okay if I'm being dumb or missing something but would appreciate some help.
Thank ya'll. Have a great day.
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2022.01.27 00:09 forrestmonroe Misty putting her Red Cross babysitter course to use.

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2022.01.27 00:09 asapfetty How can we get rid of Kemba?

Haven’t won a game with him playing since he came back.
He kills our offense and defense and we get outplayed every time he is on the court. At this point I think we might have to buy him out cause benching him again would be a PR nightmare
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2022.01.27 00:09 Meh_lissa6 Nutmeg

Anyone have any tips for my first nutmeg “trip” ? How to be as safe as possible while tripping on it? I know it’s not the smartest idea but curioisity has got the best of me.
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2022.01.27 00:09 Bot_Highlights Prowler Magnet!?! | /u/iknowtybo

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2022.01.27 00:09 revonoc26 Dealing with noise complaints

TL;DR annoying complaining neighbors, best sound blocking options?
I live in a large apartment building with (apparently) thin floors. A few of my neighbors have complained to our landlord that I “listen to music late” but I’m only ever watching movies (and never late but that’s beside the point). I’m listening at low levels from a pair of Polk tower speakers on a wood floor. Usually turn down in action scenes, and listen at beyond polite levels. Since the neighbors are still anonymous, I can’t ask if these are vibrations or actually hearing the movie. Though since they said music, I think vibrations? In that case, do you all have experience blocking out noise while still being able to experience good sound?
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2022.01.27 00:09 Dwr3ker FPS DROPS

So I installed a new wifi card on the legion 5 pro because I was having some trouble and I heard the intel one was better than the Realtek one, I also proceeded to clean the fans out because I had not done to but now it seems like I am experiencing some fps drops. I will reopen tomorrow and reapply the thermal paste but the temps seem fine so that shouldn't be the problem. SO I'm not sure what it could be I'm sure I placed everything back in the right spot. In the meantime any idea what could cause this? Any way to fix it?
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2022.01.27 00:09 muffine-o creepy fingers

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2022.01.27 00:09 Bot_Highlights Gibby scared the shizz out of me, but I still got him! | /u/xDuckFatx

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2022.01.27 00:09 wowow1Man ItsDonovanDlsr on TikTok

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2022.01.27 00:09 dazedjosh Swans' Fantasy: The big man still worth a look, the young Blood ready to break out

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2022.01.27 00:09 Bot_Highlights Just started playing apex with my husband! Got my first duos squad wipe @xXMrBlue19 | /u/savagebungslinger

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2022.01.27 00:09 Seinpheld How do you dispense treats during winter walks?

I use a treat bag and just wear the same glove every walk and deal with it being dirty. How do you do treats in winter?
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2022.01.27 00:09 Quakeislife Thoughts and concerns about the Body/Physical vehicle

Hi fellow seekers!
I was wondering if there was any statements from Ra or Qu'o concerning the maintenance of our physical vessel ?
For context, I am not overweight, I do not exercise nor eat really well and I've also recently started smoking 4-5 cigarettes per day. I feel like I might be neglecting my Body. Truth is, I don't feel any guilt or shame over it. All is well and beautiful. Yet, I was wondering if we had any information about the importance of maintaining our physical vessel to a great extent.
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