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Stuhini Exploration Ltd. (TSX.V: STU) - Potential 20-bagger w/ Rationale

2022.01.26 23:59 InvestingDD Stuhini Exploration Ltd. (TSX.V: STU) - Potential 20-bagger w/ Rationale

Recently stumbled upon Stuhini Exploration through a friend of mine. After doing my due-diligence, I have come to believe that Stuhini Exploration Ltd. is poised for a potential 20-times gain. You heard me right, 2000% from its current levels. Before diving into my investment thesis, here are some company highlights:

Investment Thesis
With the recent uptrend in Molybdenum prices, Stuhini Exploration Ltd. is poised to reclaim the former glory of Adanac Molybdenum. In 2007, Adanac Moly Corp. had a market cap of $200 million with a fair value rating of over $285million given by Fundamental Research Corp (http://www.baystreet.ca/articles/research_reports/fundamental_research/adanac051007.pdf). Given that the market prices of molybdenum have been on the rise, I believe that we could reach a $200 million dollar market cap as well. With the most recent NPV for the project at $295million, this price target is very attainable.
Stuhini currently trades at $0.60/share with a market cap of ~$10million CAD. With a $200million price target, this represents a price per share of $12.00. Stuhini therefore offers ENORMOUS value at these prices, and is a great buy even in this volatile market. I believe that the discrepancy in prices is due to the fact that Stuhini is completely under most investors radars. I have been loading up over the past few months since discovering it.

The company is presenting tomorrow, January 27th at 9:30am (EST), at the Sequire Mining Conference. (https://mining21.mysequire.com/). They just announced this on their social media. I will be attending so that I can make a follow up to this DD.

TL;DR - Company with $8.5million USD market cap, with a property that has over $800million worth of molybdenum. Feasibility study conducted in 2007 yielded a NPV of $295million for the project. Former property holder had a market cap of $200million+. Have mine permits, road access, environmental assessment, etc. Current share price: $0.60. Target: $12.00.
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2022.01.26 23:59 RhinoMan2018 Hmm

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2022.01.26 23:59 gothgirlgamer Hi

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2022.01.26 23:59 Hyperius999 Hopefully Jim Sterling does a video on this

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2022.01.26 23:59 Enrique-M Webinar Tomorrow (Jan 27th 1 PM EST): Using Node.js with MariaDB: From Basics to Best Practices

Just in case anyone is interested, I received this invitation today. Here's a summary of the webinar and the link that was sent to me.
"It will cover how you can get started using MariaDB’s Node.js connector, then examine some best practices for building your Node.js projects with MariaDB, including tips on using popular object-relational mapping libraries like Sequelize and TypeORM.
Join this webinar (on Jan 27th) to learn:
• What Node.js is and why it has become so popular • How to get started with MariaDB using the Node.js connector • Best practices for using MariaDB with Node.js • How to integrate popular ORMs like Sequelize and TypeORM"
Link to Webinar Registration
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2022.01.26 23:59 KingAWSM_YT [IND] [H] Xbox game pass ultimate 2 months [W] 25$/17€ paypal only

Heyo! I recently got discord nitro and with tht I acquired this xbox game pass ultimate but since I don't hav an xbox, I've decided to sell it for a bit lower than how much it costs. Serious buyers only please.
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2022.01.26 23:59 Usual-Interview-3574 I’m excited for the new Batman. But the pizza adaptation? Hard pass.

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2022.01.26 23:59 SIlver_McGee What is Bilk? - AQUA191V

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2022.01.26 23:59 Zeltron2020 S2e4 - baby Bradley Cooper!

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2022.01.26 23:59 muppafireflower Spoilers for the next Wheel of Fortune!

It's thursday again, and even though spring is looming in the horizon, it's still chilly outside. Maybe it's because Chione still has her frosty grip around the wheel! There's a lot of sacred energy in the air since also Moshe is there to bless and grease the wheel for your benefit! Happy hunting.
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2022.01.26 23:59 Kyrios034 A casual Pokemon tournament with teams for 4

Sana: I prepared 15 to choose from
Streams Calli: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQFlX1-Xp08 Sana: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNZi4VYhbRE Mumei: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIUX0wAs3uQ Reine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmP48PAzPxo Ollie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCyEjZxWnAw
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2022.01.26 23:59 Sad_Reception295 Player screenshots for report

Everyone ignore this
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2022.01.26 23:59 Suspicious_Soil508 The Gaijin Shogun

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2022.01.26 23:59 SunbeamSailor Behold ye, I dub thee…Cosplaytriots. So let it be written, so let it be done.

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2022.01.26 23:59 Isbo2000 im somewhat sad now but oh welp

not like im not used to it anyways
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2022.01.26 23:59 lightmatter22 333 Mil Guild looking for ACTIVE PLAYERS! Focus is LSTB and KAM shards; Cleared CPIT easily

Looking for ACTIVE PLAYERS with OFFICER POTENTIAL! Focus is LSTB and KAM shards Cleared New Rancor Raid All GL's Welcome! We are an Independent Guild! Looking for competitive players LSTB, KAM-ready shards and Rancor Raid focus Do you have 5.0 mil gp or higher?? 327 mil GP guild 6.5mil gp average for all players Must have GL and can get KAM shards All Heroic raids-alternate every 2 weeks-24 hour check-in Week 1- Heroic rancor- 8pm EST Week 2-7pm EST(Simmed) Heroic AAT- 10pm EST Week 2-8pm EST(Simmed) Heroic Sith raid- 9pm EST Week 2-6pm EST CPIT 8pm EST as soon as earn tickets Mandatory: 600 raid tickets, TB, Rancor Raid, DS 31 GEO STARS 22 LS GEO STARS 49 WAT shards 20+ KAM shards Discord Swgoh.gg Contact me: Ally code:516-413-261 discord:light matter#0565
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2022.01.26 23:59 absccq Function request

Chnged the logicf drawing lines through periods to optional. Suggestion: Drawing lines in the current cycle is only displayed in the previous cycle, and it will be very clear if each cycle is lined! Thank you!
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2022.01.26 23:59 Ok-Requirement-8514 First night on the floor

And the first thing that happens is I get someone bitching about be behind my back, because no one told me to keep the carts maintained.
Like yeah, okay. Instead of bitching, tell me that’s part of my job.
I’m hired specifically for the doors. No one told me anything lmao.
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2022.01.26 23:59 Educational-Let-1027 My wife’s cousin punched me, and his mother blames me

For winter break, my wife and I went to a small village in Mexico to visit her family. My wife’s cousin “Tommy” and his mother “Linda”, however, messed it up for us. Some information about Tommy is that he’s the same age as my wife and I, 30. However, he dropped out of university and hasn’t been able to hold a job. He’s reclusive, and doesn’t socialize at parties.
My wife and I stayed at her grandma’s house. Tommy and a couple of other cousins stayed at the house too. Linda stayed at a hotel.
I’m 6’2”, and the beds there are very uncomfortable to share with because of the size. There’s a room in the house where there’s two beds. My wife and I wanted to have that room for each other, but Tommy was already staying in that room. As a result, my wife and I had to stay in different rooms. I was fine with that.
However, Tommy started behaving more erratically. One night, he was staring at the wall, not saying anything. I asked him if anything was wrong. There were really long pauses for his responses.
Me: is everything okay?
30 minutes later
Tommy: no
Me: Do you want to talk?
30 minutes later
Tommy: I don’t
After his response, I was rubbing my feet because they were sore after walking around all day. I cracked my knuckle on my toe. Tommy reached over and took my socks off. I was really annoyed by that, so I asked him if he wanted go to sleep. He didn’t respond, and I was really tired at that point. It was 5:30 in the morning (we got back late that night). I wanted to turn the lights off, but I didn’t want him to be staring off into the darkness. I lied in bed and covered my face with the pillow. Tommy took my pillow away, and then snatched my blanket. I was really pissed off, and gave up. I went to my wife’s room and I slept with her the rest of the trip.
Then, things got worse. He had a playlist of the same five songs that he played all night. By the time he stopped, the sun would be coming up already. Tommy’s older brother, Luke, tried to ask Linda to come stay at the house. None of us felt like it was our place to tell Tommy anything, and we thought with Linda, he’d listen to her. Linda said no, and that she’s on vacation too.
The final straw was when we went to this really good carnitas restaurant. We all got the same item, because it’s an all you can eat carnitas buffet. However, Tommy didn’t want his plate. He asked me if he could have mine. My wife butted in and offered her plate. Tommy was insistent, he wanted my plate. My wife held out her plate, offering to switch with him again. Tommy got upset and threw my wife’s plate and bashed it in her face. In the process, he tipped over her coffee and it burned her.
Tommy was sitting right in front of me, and I pushed him off her. When I did that, he punched me in the face. I started bleeding, and my wife and I left. Linda saw everything. When my wife and I tried talking to her about it afterward, Linda said “well that’s what you get for touching my baby”. I was trying to defend my wife, and she saw that.
Tl;dr: cousin with erratic behavior threw a plate of food in my face. I tried pushing him away, and he punched me. His mother blames me.
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2022.01.26 23:59 Rymann88 Release question (should be a quick answer)

I looked on Nintendo's site: HERE
It says releases with physical copies will appear in the store at 9 pm PT the night before. Is this still relevant or will I need to take my switch to work with me? I'm asking because I want to get the download started ASAP so it'll be ready when I get home.
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2022.01.26 23:59 Much-Search-4074 How much time have we wasted asking God senseless questions while we should be absolutely free to concentrate on our service to Him? Consecration is the act of continually separating myself from everything except that which God has appointed me to do. - Oswald Chambers

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2022.01.26 23:59 funeater3 TSM Hal, Reps, and Sweet (ESA tourney)

With Sweet as igl, is this the most dominant squad in NA? They’ve dropped 2 massive kill wins already and still have one more game left.
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2022.01.26 23:59 CreditSlut [WTS] Designer/Niche Bundle (Creed & PdM from Zee, Jazz Club), Montblanc Explorer (Bottle), Tom Ford Noir Extreme (Bottle)

Hey guys 👋
Trying to part ways with a couple different things. The first is a bundle with Aventus, Green Irish Tweed, Herod, Carlisle, and Percival all 10ml decants from our guy Zee. The Jazz Club 10ml is full pres. Click to see levels, the Carlisle and Percival have one spray missing so essentially completely full. Selling as a bundle for $75 shipped.
Next man up is a full presentation 100ml bottle of Montblanc Explorer. 99% (call it 95% to be safe) remaining. Price is $45 shipped.
Finally is a full presentation 100ml bottle of Tom Ford Noir Extreme, full presentation, 100ml. 99% (call it 95% to be safe) remaining. Price is $150 shipped.
Payment via PayPal G&S, if you have any questions feel free to reach out :)
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2022.01.26 23:59 jingxiebushi SpaceX 的火箭残骸将撞击月球

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2022.01.26 23:59 MyOpinionIsIgnorant Should Slovakia recognise Kosovo?

Hi I’m a Serb and notice Slovakia is one of few western-oriented nations who do not recognise Kosovo, I wanted to do a poll on the people’s opinions & eBay to know why. Please leave answers bellow!
View Poll
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