Dwarves remake the shield? Or just a new skin?

2022.01.26 22:38 x-DukeCannon Dwarves remake the shield? Or just a new skin?

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2022.01.26 22:38 Lycanrokk Me

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2022.01.26 22:38 chads_gardening 8290 9462 7196 •••••

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2022.01.26 22:38 Deutschland5473 Aviso para Colombianos

Las arepas son venezolanas, dejen de joder y acepten la verdad
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2022.01.26 22:38 ThatGamingAsshole Does Anyone Remember This Comic: During the Space Race, we discover the Moon is Alive

I have a close friend who was looking for a specific comic, and I've posted this on more than one place and I was wondering if anyone else knows this. I'm literally certain I've read this, or read about this, before but I can't place it.
So this friend is looking for a "classic comic", possibly 50s or 60s, about the space race going crazy because...the Americans watch in horror as the Russians arrive first, and begin to be devoired because the moon is A LIVING ENTITY! In one scene, craters are devouring people, and the story involves the Americans watching the Russians slowly being eaten as if it were a gigantic mouth. That's all she can recall, and to be blunt this sounds SO FAMILIAR that I'm virtually certain it was based on a book or short story.
Sorry if this isn't the right flair or place to post this, but regardless thanks in advance for any help!
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2022.01.26 22:38 GibbyES335 What are some quality tube amps with a low noise floor?

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2022.01.26 22:38 Straight-Heart-9442 That’s a Dang Shame!

Despite moving 3 states alone with my furniture and my 17yr 13 months ago. I started from square 1. Moved with her bedroom furniture, kitchen appliances, and an air mattress. Rebuilt my life. Piece by piece I rebuilt. Doing well for myself. Great profession. I absolutely love it!Preparing to move into the house I always wanted soon.

 Well there’s 1 lone joint account w/ Ex. I randomly put money in there whenever I CashApp my son. I had exactly $7.66 in there for maybe 2-3 weeks. I didn’t think anything of it. I log into my banking app to look at my accounts for the morning. What do I see? Ex took the $7.66. Really?!?!?! You live with your fiancé and you have 3 independent incomes. You take $7.66?!?!? 🤔 $7.66?!?!?! 🤔 My goodness. 😒 You burn through your paycheck, retirement and disability check to the point you need to steal $7.66?!?! 😒🤔🤷🏽‍♀️ 
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2022.01.26 22:38 victhealchemist The Worlds First Smart Equity Contract Marketplace

Purchasing an Equitract gives you the rights to own % equity within a company or project, permanently storing your proof of ownership on the blockchain. Each contract has its own customized benefits, perks, and potential returns and can be bidded on, bought, and sold similar to an NFT.
To see the pitchdeck, executive summary, and sign up for beta access -----> www.equitract.co
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2022.01.26 22:38 KiwiiBerri Quitting after 4 months

I got hired on as an esm 4 months ago and I have to say this is quite possibly the worst job I've ever had.
I was trained for shift lead duties first for about 1 day and then thrown into the deep end of opening and closing the store by myself with no help. My store manager is unreachable if he's not in the store -like he seriously never answers texts or phone calls even if it's a legit emergency.
Since I've started we've had call outs pretty much every single day and I was more or less told that if people called out and there was no one to cover the shift then I had to run the front end alone. My sm also doesn't care about the store pretty much at all. Any time I bring issues to his attention -such as sfls not facing the store or sfls not making sure the bathrooms are cleaned- he just says "okay" and does nothing to address the issue or fix it. Even when I follow up with him multiple times about it he does literally nothing. The only time my sm cares is if the dm is coming for a visit and then he freaks out and gets onto me about all this stuff we need to get down at the last minute. He gets upset if I can't complete all the stuff he wants to get done but I'm literally running the store with like myself and one cashier every single day. Between helping customers, unloading trucks, and working bays I have next to no time to do all the extra stuff he wants done.
I've spoken to the dm about my sm and she just brushed it off and said that he's a great sm who always gets stuff done 🥲
On top of all this, my sm went on vacation for 2 weeks without telling me. I've been called into the store the past 3 days that I was supposed to have off when I already work 7 and sometimes 8 days in a row with no breaks.
I'm just like super fed up with walgreens as a whole. I've never seen a place as bad as this. I just turned in my two week notice today and I'm so glad I did. This job has just sucked the life out of me.
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2022.01.26 22:38 Living-Plane3381 Who’s following the money and buying the dip?

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2022.01.26 22:38 Carcrazy_97 Oman has one of the least homicide rates in the world. Way to go fellow citizens and residents of Oman.

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2022.01.26 22:38 TroyAndAbedAtNoon Supposing people in the US started to breed randomly with each other, how long would it take until everyone was of the same homogenous race?

Assuming two children (that will in turn mature and reproduce) per woman and no influx of inmigrants
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2022.01.26 22:38 rainieur new customer!!

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2022.01.26 22:38 gregoryh325 Bitter cold weather

Can bitter cold weather affect upstream signal levels? I've had Mediacom internet for over 5yrs now---nothing has changed inside and now all of a sudden i'm being told my signal levels are off and they need to send out a technician. All 4 upstream channels are locked and all 4 power levels are between 32.5 dBmV and 33.0 dBmV. It has been under 20 degrees for a few days here which is an unusual amount of time to be that cold in my area.
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2022.01.26 22:38 elincognit022 Nunca he tenido novia y mi vida es una tristeza.

Hola, aquí estoy yo otra vez el incógnito solitario, bien pues no hay día en el cual no recuerde que soy solo un perdedor solitario que ha sido condenado a vivir en soledad sin una novia y privado de las experiencias satisfactorias e increíbles y mágicas tales como ser amado, el primer beso, la primera vez y tener novia, es algo muy triste la vida prácticamente me ha mantenido privado de esas experiencias, siempre desde que tenía 5 años tuve deseos de saber cómo sería besar a una chica y cuando tenía 13 sentí deseos de tener novia y también otro tipo de deseos incontrolables, sin embargo a pesar de todo el tiempo que ha pasado desde que tenía esas edades nunca he logrado tener una novia ni mi primer beso ni siquiera ningún tipo de afecto femenino de ninguna chica que haya conocido, es una injusticia.
El día de hoy 26 de enero tuve una experiencia en la cual no pude evitar sentir demásiada irá y mucha envidia y tristeza ya que escuché a uno de mis conocidos hablar de una experiencia privada que tuvo con una chica la cual era unos años más joven que el, logré escuchar como el hablo sobre eso y otras personas que lo escucharon comenzaron a felicitarlo y a decirle bromas sobre ellos insinuando que hizo lo correcto y fue "afortunado", no pude evitar sentir demásiada irá y envidia incluso deseaba levantarme bruscamente del lugar e irme sin embargo no lo hice por vergüenza a qué se dieran cuenta de que me sentí incómodo.
Sin embargo después no pude evitar dejar de pensar en lo dichoso y afortunado que era ese chico, logro estar con una más joven que probablemente aún era "pura" y le dió su "pureza" por primera vez a el, que dichoso de verdad y que envidia e injusticia que mientras yo estoy aquí sin ni siquiera haber dado un beso otros disfrutan esas satisfactorias y mágicas experiencias, lamentablemente yo nunca podré experimentar eso ya que la mayoría de chicas de mi edad no son para nada "puras" y ya han perdido esa "pureza" con alguien más y probablemente si algún día consigo novia ya no sea pura y eso para mí sería algo muy triste e imperdonable y me haría sentir mucha ira ya que no habría guardado su pureza solo para mí y se la habría regalado a otros que no se la merecían y eso para mí es algo imperdonable y no dudaría en rechazarla y hacer que desaparezca de mi vista porque si no guardo su pureza para mí entonces no me sirve, talvez crean que lo digo por cuestiones religiosas, pero en realidad no creo en nada y lo digo porque yo quisiera ser el primero en la vida de alguna chica y por primera vez por lo menos ser el primero en algo y ser especial y no ser visto solo como uno más de los que estuvo, porque muy probablemente me compare con sus anteriores novios y pensaría que ellos hacían mejor eso o eran mil veces mejores que yo y la verdad no soporto ser comparado porque me da demasiada irá, lamentablemente siempre soy el último en todo y soy un don nadie que nunca obtiene nada y solo seré uno de los muchos con quién estuvo una chica que tristeza, por eso sí una se siente atraída por mi y no es "pura" no la rechazaré pero esperaré el momento perfecto para hacer que su mente y corazon se llenen de sentimientos tristes y recuerdos tristes en un solo día al igual que me hizo sentir saber que no se reservo para mí yo le haría sentir lo mismo que yo siento, nadie debería aceptar ese tipo de faltas imperdonables la verdad creo que todos los chicos como yo deberían hacerse respetar y hacer lo mismo.
Sin embargo probablemente eso no pase debido a mi poca capacidad para conseguir novia por culpa de mis muchos defectos físicos como mi rostro, mi voz y que soy muy malo en los deportes, mi única virtud es que siempre he sido "inteligente" y en la secundaria siempre era reconocido por ser un excelente alumno y podía por lo menos una vez sentirme superior y un ganador, sin embargo a pesar de eso nunca logré atraer a ninguna siempre fui un fantasma o un don nadie para las chicas y por eso tengo nada de capacidades para conseguir una novia pero igualmente siempre planeo las cosas días o años antes de que pasen y si pasa esa situación estaré listo para ser lo más frío posible para hacer que pida perdón y sienta mis tristes sentimientos.
Desearía algún día lograr dejar de ser un don nadie sin reconocimiento, novia y admiradores y algún día ser conocido y amado de verdad, solo eso me haría sentir mejor y me haría olvidar todo lo malo que me ha pasado en la vida.
Sin embargo esa tristeza debido a que nunca tuve un amor en la adolescencia y fui privado de vivir las experiencias de un adolescente normal seguirá en mis pensamientos siempre y nunca olvidare que la vida me privó de esa vida normal y experiencias satisfactorias.
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2022.01.26 22:38 saurin212 Kemp would edge Perdue in Georgia GOP gubernatorial primary; Walker runs away with Senate nomination: poll

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2022.01.26 22:38 prmoore11 [WTS] Leupold cantilever scope mount (PA)

Leupold Mark AR 1-Piece Picatinny-Style Scope Mount, 30 mm. Excellent condition, comes with brand new screws. $60 $55.
Let me know if you have any questions!
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2022.01.26 22:38 Straight_Finding_756 The Average Reddit Moderator

>he's a janitor >on the internet >on an anime imageboard >he does it for free >he takes his "job" very seriously >he does it because it is the only amount of power & control he will ever have in his pathetic life >he deletes threads he doesn't like because whenever he gets upset he has an asthma attack >he deletes threads he doesn't like because they interfere with the large backlog of little girl chinese cartoons he still has to watch >he will never have a real job >he will never move out of his parent's house >he will never be at a healthy weight >he will never know how to cook anything besides a hot pocket >he will never have a girlfriend >he will never have any friends 
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2022.01.26 22:38 SynthFrog Potential PC controls bug. (Using M&KB)

I just got the game a couple days ago. I keep running into this weird issue where my LMB or RMB just randomly stop working in the middle of the game. Not only when controlling the character but also in the menus. My mouse has 0 problems on other programs. If I restart the game, the problem vanishes... until it randomly occurs again.
This might just be a coincidence but so far when I've been playing great sword, LMB breaks. When I'm using glaive, RMB breaks. I don't believe it's a situation of me just messing up controls & mechanics. The buttons would still work in the menus if that was the case.
Is anyone else experiencing weird issues like this?
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2022.01.26 22:38 WhiteBeardDaddy 1985 Prom

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2022.01.26 22:38 mrsnappp Can hack any girls Snapchat my eyes only Dm me on kik@mrsnapchat_ $20

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2022.01.26 22:38 Michaelscotch33 Sharing my journey from being fat to (almost) 6 pack: 24 weeks of counting macros and moving barbells.

I just finished a very lengthy cut and officially started bulking. I realized that I transitioned out of the cut and didn't really have anyone to celebrate this with since sending shirtless pictures to my friends is weird. I wanted to post and celebrate all my hard work and success so here goes-
Here's my progress pic-
Here's my weight loss chart. You can see I started eating at maintenance again and gained a TON of weight, guess what- I still look the same! Working on ignoring the scale.
Disclaimer: I hired a coach and went into this extremely knowledgeable about weight loss, I had regained a bunch of weight due to mental health issues and stress. I also knew a ton about training, and was in really good aerobic shape (I run and bike a lot). My progress is good but probably not attainable if you are a beginner who doesn't know much about diet and exercise to begin with.
Fat Loss
Starting weight was around 176 +/- 3 pounds depending on the bloat level from food. I cut down to 162 at the absolute lowest but stabilized around 167 once I got out of the calorie deficit.
My training consists of barbell compound training 4 days a week (MTThF), and most weeks I do two long endurance activities (Wed+Sat). I also do a fair amount of shorter walks and runs on a stationary bike and treadmill for warm ups / generic aerobic fitness. This is not because I am trying to do cardio to lose weight, this is because I am an endurance athlete and love running and cycling.
1RM estimates from Gravitus app:
Back Squat: 217, Bench: 177; Deadlift: 286
Macros and Food:
Every day I would intermittent fast and split my food between two meals, lunch and dinner, usually 40/60 or 50/50 split. I push my last meal out to be close to bed so I don't cheat. I drink a lot of coffee.
Training Day: P:175 C:220 F:65
Rest Day: P:175 C:90 F:65
My meals were pretty consistent, I ate:
Bulk cooked chicken, huge salads (spring mix, romaine, cucumber, broccoli, tomato), rice, Amy's frozen mac and cheese, Amy's frozen margherita pizza, bulk pre cooked mashed potatoes from the grocery store, oranges, popcorn, and gnocci. I avoided protein powders and sugar and opted for high satiety high nutrition foods- balanced with Amy's Margherita Pizza's and Popcorn to keep me "happy".
Honestly a truly massive percent of my calories came from 4 things. I juste ate these things again and again and had the groceries delivered to my house whenever I was at risk of not having food at home. I made this as easy as possible.

  1. Bulk cooked chicken (Traeger smoked or instant pot)
  2. Pre cooked rice bowls from Costco
  3. Frozen Amy's Mac and Cheese
  4. Whole Foods Ranch Dressing
Sleep. Sleep got really bad at the end and is really the only reason I switched to a bulk. I just couldn't sleep well after getting down to this level of body fat.
Travel. During the stall in the chart, I traveled a shit ton and indulged in lots of alcohol and amazing food. I kept up training and a really high energy expenditure all the while. Didn't let things get out of hand for more than a week at a time.
Stalls. I stalled like crazy. It's pretty evident in the chart. Took lots of patience to get through this.
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2022.01.26 22:38 Yeahitsnobody Feebas Evolving

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2022.01.26 22:38 Capt_Socrates Lost Wallet

Anyone find a green wallet at the Alabama Market Fuel recently?
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2022.01.26 22:38 Any_Energy7104 Swipe for a surprise

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