I couldnt think of memes for my cakeday so I decided to attempt to make the cakes of cakeday.. I hope you guys like it! Happy cakeday to everyone else

2022.01.26 22:36 FakeyBoii I couldnt think of memes for my cakeday so I decided to attempt to make the cakes of cakeday.. I hope you guys like it! Happy cakeday to everyone else

I couldnt think of memes for my cakeday so I decided to attempt to make the cakes of cakeday.. I hope you guys like it! Happy cakeday to everyone else submitted by FakeyBoii to cakeday [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 22:36 OperationBrokenLife Combining CBD with my Lexapro wean...

I'm currently weaning off of Lexapro. I'm down to 2.5mg from 10. My anxiety has been pretty elevated during the wean, but that doesn't mean it's symptoms returning. Elevated anxiety is a side effect, just as it is when starting. We'll see how things are in a couple weeks.
4th day of 2.5mg here, and I've added 100mg of CBD oil (75 CBD, 25 CBG) to my routine. I take my first tincture hours before my Lexapro, and my second tincture hours after Lexapro. They compete for the same enzymes in the liver, so you gotta make sure Lexi has a chance to metabolize before you add CBD, which will win in the competition.
Weaning side effects: chest pressure/pain due to increased anxiety, inability to concentrate, dizziness. All in all, not bad. But I still don't like it. The chest tightness and shortness of breath in itself is wearing me down big time.
I guess that's my update?
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2022.01.26 22:36 Aziz0161 The sea. Sousse archeological museum.

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2022.01.26 22:36 UnholySoldierOG Crypto games going mainstream?

So is it my imagination or is crypto gaming like exponentially growing in popularity? Seems everywhere you look it's popping up. With metaverse gaining ground and everything. There are little browser games like that little cookie clicker game from years ago. I mean everywhere. And as an old school gamer I think I can get on board. For the millions that have played games like Pokémon Go and similar, there is games up your alley too. Games that you can use nft's to help is kinda cool man. This is like real bragging rights. Remember paying to play and literally having a 0 ROI? (Return on Investment) Now we can pay to play and actually cash out on getting a really kick a$s item.
All I can say is I'm really excited for this gaming future. Now my question is do you think that there will be massive hits that everyone knows and plays. With sprinklets of various genre. NFT'S vs Coin. Games making their own? That would start to get messy I assume.
How fast will someone try and regulate these kinds of games so that you're funds can be tracked as income? I dunno but I know that as of right now I am enjoying the time spent with my kids getting out and exploring while making free coins.
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2022.01.26 22:36 cozmetic_hero Have you every done something extremely stereotypical about your country?, what did you do?

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2022.01.26 22:36 Lawrence_skywalker The Winchester Wildcat has tool storage in on the receivers. Same blank space on the otherside too.

The Winchester Wildcat has tool storage in on the receivers. Same blank space on the otherside too. submitted by Lawrence_skywalker to Firearms [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 22:36 Electrical-You86 Got bored, made a banana.

Got bored, made a banana. submitted by Electrical-You86 to ForFashion [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 22:36 islandtort Does anyone have a list of all features offered with the copilot 360 on the lariat WITHOUT the lux package?

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2022.01.26 22:36 No_Spirit9156 Come on, talk about it.

Our thoughts, although some may be embarrassing, others are vitally important that you express them.
With no fear, judgment is the worst thing humanity can have, or rather, pre-judgment. That fear of "what will that person think if I tell him about this?". That way of thinking of some of listening to someone's story and automatically relating it to who they are now. That, that has ended lives, millions.
Because not speaking makes you feel chained, not expressing yourself can drown you, and some are not able to stay afloat. The world in the end is like a huge ocean where we are all swimming, some have their luxury yachts, without worrying about falling into the cold water below them, others flap their wings and try to survive as best they can. If you are down there, fighting with or for your life, you should know that there are other people who have learned to swim by force and are able to teach you, guide you, HELP you not to fall into the depths of the water, that abyss to which many have fallen, and some may fall despite having the capabilities to be on top, and even much more.
Do not give up and always speak everything that distresses you, ask for help. Don't stay silent. You are important and special, we all are in our own way. Love who you are. Nobody is perfect and no one can be.
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2022.01.26 22:36 Biltema Eski Yönetim Kurulu Üyelerimizden Şafak Mahmutyazıcıoğlu’nun vefat ettiğini derin bir üzüntüyle öğrenmiş bulunmaktayız.

Eski Yönetim Kurulu Üyelerimizden Şafak Mahmutyazıcıoğlu’nun vefat ettiğini derin bir üzüntüyle öğrenmiş bulunmaktayız. submitted by Biltema to besiktas [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 22:36 Waryur Fullers London Pride in Arizona

Hey yall. So for my dad's birthday I thought I'd surprise him with one of the beers he always talks about fondly. Problem is that basically nobody sells it here. Is there any way I can get my hands on some?
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2022.01.26 22:35 NeedEchoes Econ 101

After that midterm, the course being called econ 101 is ironic. Failed it lol. :)
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2022.01.26 22:35 ErdnaOtrebor LIQUIIIIIIIIIIID!

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2022.01.26 22:35 PerpetualNerd Men Protecting Men

I’m new here, I’ve read the rules but still a little on the fence if this is okay to post. I’m just so flipping mad. I can’t stand to see another Brock Turner. Burn the fucking patriarchy! Judge Overturns Sex Assault Conviction
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2022.01.26 22:35 ZK612 literally nothing

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2022.01.26 22:35 zmwright87 Big storm coming this weekend. Would you be interested in seeing Honda hs1332 track vs Honda hss928 wheels if we get enough snow?

View Poll
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2022.01.26 22:35 Winter_Audience_8185 Why is bowser such a dumb character?

What can i do against someone who can grab you mid air? Can squash your shield in ONE HIT?! WANNA RUN AWAY? HERES A FLYING A KICK FOR 40% !!! DUUUUUUMBBBB!!!!!! WHAAAT CAN YOU DO!!
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2022.01.26 22:35 Just-Call-Me-J I wish they'd bring back all the fun town models. I loved having a mini town in my house.

I wish they'd bring back all the fun town models. I loved having a mini town in my house. submitted by Just-Call-Me-J to AnimalCrossing [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 22:35 tsfhmew ZOOM CAFÉ with Merethe Soltvedt

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2022.01.26 22:35 elincognit022 Mi vida es una tristeza.

Hola, aquí estoy yo otra vez el incógnito solitario, bien pues no hay día en el cual no recuerde que soy solo un perdedor solitario que ha sido condenado a vivir en soledad sin una novia y privado de las experiencias satisfactorias e increíbles y mágicas tales como ser amado, el primer beso, la primera vez y tener novia, es algo muy triste la vida prácticamente me ha mantenido privado de esas experiencias, siempre desde que tenía 5 años tuve deseos de saber cómo sería besar a una chica y cuando tenía 13 sentí deseos de tener novia y también otro tipo de deseos incontrolables, sin embargo a pesar de todo el tiempo que ha pasado desde que tenía esas edades nunca he logrado tener una novia ni mi primer beso ni siquiera ningún tipo de afecto femenino de ninguna chica que haya conocido, es una injusticia.
El día de hoy 26 de enero tuve una experiencia en la cual no pude evitar sentir demásiada irá y mucha envidia y tristeza ya que escuché a uno de mis conocidos hablar de una experiencia privada que tuvo con una chica la cual era unos años más joven que el, logré escuchar como el hablo sobre eso y otras personas que lo escucharon comenzaron a felicitarlo y a decirle bromas sobre ellos insinuando que hizo lo correcto y fue "afortunado", no pude evitar sentir demásiada irá y envidia incluso deseaba levantarme bruscamente del lugar e irme sin embargo no lo hice por vergüenza a qué se dieran cuenta de que me sentí incómodo.
Sin embargo después no pude evitar dejar de pensar en lo dichoso y afortunado que era ese chico, logro estar con una más joven que probablemente aún era "pura" y le dió su "pureza" por primera vez a el, que dichoso de verdad y que envidia e injusticia que mientras yo estoy aquí sin ni siquiera haber dado un beso otros disfrutan esas satisfactorias y mágicas experiencias, lamentablemente yo nunca podré experimentar eso ya que la mayoría de chicas de mi edad no son para nada "puras" y ya han perdido esa "pureza" con alguien más y probablemente si algún día consigo novia ya no sea pura y eso para mí sería algo muy triste e imperdonable y me haría sentir mucha ira ya que no habría guardado su pureza solo para mí y se la habría regalado a otros que no se la merecían y eso para mí es algo imperdonable y no dudaría en rechazarla y hacer que desaparezca de mi vista porque si no guardo su pureza para mí entonces no me sirve, talvez crean que lo digo por cuestiones religiosas, pero en realidad no creo en nada y lo digo porque yo quisiera ser el primero en la vida de alguna chica y por primera vez por lo menos ser el primero en algo y ser especial y no ser visto solo como uno más de los que estuvo, porque muy probablemente me compare con sus anteriores novios y pensaría que ellos hacían mejor eso o eran mil veces mejores que yo y la verdad no soporto ser comparado porque me da demasiada irá, lamentablemente siempre soy el último en todo y soy un don nadie que nunca obtiene nada y solo seré uno de los muchos con quién estuvo una chica que tristeza, por eso sí una se siente atraída por mi y no es "pura" no la rechazaré pero esperaré el momento perfecto para hacer que su mente y corazon se llenen de sentimientos tristes y recuerdos tristes en un solo día al igual que me hizo sentir saber que no se reservo para mí yo le haría sentir lo mismo que yo siento, nadie debería aceptar ese tipo de faltas imperdonables la verdad creo que todos los chicos como yo deberían hacerse respetar y hacer lo mismo.
Sin embargo probablemente eso no pase debido a mi poca capacidad para conseguir novia por culpa de mis muchos defectos físicos como mi rostro, mi voz y que soy muy malo en los deportes, mi única virtud es que siempre he sido "inteligente" y en la secundaria siempre era reconocido por ser un excelente alumno y podía por lo menos una vez sentirme superior y un ganador, sin embargo a pesar de eso nunca logré atraer a ninguna siempre fui un fantasma o un don nadie para las chicas y por eso tengo nada de capacidades para conseguir una novia pero igualmente siempre planeo las cosas días o años antes de que pasen y si pasa esa situación estaré listo para ser lo más frío posible para hacer que pida perdón y sienta mis tristes sentimientos.
Desearía algún día lograr dejar de ser un don nadie sin reconocimiento, novia y admiradores y algún día ser conocido y amado de verdad, solo eso me haría sentir mejor y me haría olvidar todo lo malo que me ha pasado en la vida.
Sin embargo esa tristeza debido a que nunca tuve un amor en la adolescencia y fui privado de vivir las experiencias de un adolescente normal seguirá en mis pensamientos siempre y nunca olvidare que la vida me privó de esa vida normal y experiencias satisfactorias.
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2022.01.26 22:35 sadevillian1 Regice on me add 9352 3613 0287 - be online plz

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2022.01.26 22:35 Ody_Baratheon Bren M2. Took me forever but finally found the rifle for me.

Bren M2. Took me forever but finally found the rifle for me. submitted by Ody_Baratheon to CZFirearms [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 22:35 PunkrockPopeye A New Type of Dating App

So please move this if it doesn't belong here but it's something I was thinking about that I wanted to share.
Recently in several threads discussing apps like bumble, tinder, hinge I find myself reading the comments people make about their frustrations, criticisms, and struggles concerning the apps themselves and more importantly online dating in general
For large swaths of men it is the distinct feeling of being unwanted, unseen, and ignored; spending hours swiping away at profile after profile just looking for a connection or a conversation to make the effort feel worthwhile and not an utterly depressing escapade into one's own dwindling sense of self worth and for what I think I can safely say would be most women's experience is being treated something like a prized pig at auction by legions of adoring fuckboys.
And through reading it all and learning about the many pitfalls and shortcomings of these apps themselves and the kinds of people that misuse them and essentially ruin them for anyone else I had a few ideas I wanted to discuss and weigh the legitimacy of.
One of the biggest problems with online dating is that very little of the information being presented by its users can be trusted as authentic. It's all profiles built by users concerning themselves, there's no real depth to it and there's not really a kind of redundant means of filtering out the trash that abuse these apps to get their rocks off or inflate their own egos.
So, my idea is of a kind of merit based system where the apps users feed information about themselves and their social behaviors through interacting with one another which accumulates into easily read and understood statistical data that other users can use to determine their compatibility with one another.
It SOUNDS COMPLEX AND STUPID but after thinking about it I think it's a really good idea!
So bear with me while I explain
I don't know if anyone here remembers last.fm
But it was a kind of music based algorithm website that accumulated data about a listener's music tastes based on what they listened to.
Such and so many hours of garage rock, jazz, hip-hop all laid out before you so you could kind of tell one another's musical tastes and interests. The more you'd use the app and data was fed into it the more accurately it could define what kind of listener you were.
I'm thinking something like this except used for dating preferences and with a kind of user based feedback where people you interact with and have conversations or go on dates with can better help define you as a prospective match for others.
For example a user that always responds and answers attentively when messaging other matches has an average of 85% in being an attentive communicator.
Another who isn't afraid to make the first move and break the ice has a 75% average of reaching out first.
Like, progressively as the app is used more and more and you carry yourself Like a decent human being it helps shape a profile that others can use to help determine qualities that they would find worthwhile or endearing.
Pair it with a kind of questionnaire for people you've matched with to feed different information into.
For instance Dan matches with Sarah, they talk for a few days but for one reason or another they amicably fall out of contact or split
Few days later Sarah has a grading scale she can fill out for Dan and vice versa. They are both encouraged to participate as an aspect of the app because it helps define their profile to other users.
Different qualities like: humor, sensitivity, sweetness, outgoing, honesty
But the questions aren't designed so that Sarah can salt the fuck out Dan's game. Minimum of one quality, max of all of them on a 1-10 scale, right?
Sarah says fuck Dan but he did make her laugh so: Humor 1 out of 10
Dan meets 8 other women over the course of 3 weeks and to varying degrees, they all think Dan's funny.
That's now a defining quality in Dan that shows up on his profile.
To me this makes more sense than the asinine swipe left/right, lie your asses off ignore play pretend apps we've gotten now.
Something interactive that ENCOURAGES users to communicate and learn more about each other. Designed kind of like a game that even if you're not interested in the person you're talking to romantically there's something to be gained from socializing in a positive manner.
Fuckboys just get dropped, or even flagged. Ghosting is counter intuitive to the fundamentals of the app itself.
Somebody code this and gimme my money's it's like Pokémon go except for pussy
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2022.01.26 22:35 TENMTOKEN Text question

Okay so I’ve struggled all day with this stupid text ughhhh, I can’t make it do what I want🤬🤬 is it possible to put straight text on a curved path without curving the text? Think of the moon circling around but I want one side of the text to always be inside pointing at earth while the farther part point at space. If that makes any sense.
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2022.01.26 22:35 CharlesHurstCanHelp Feel like you should have had more in life? Time for a rethink.

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